Monday, June 30, 2014

Lady Problems...?

So, as of lately, I've been having some lady problems. TMI... Monday...?

Anyway, here's my problem:
When playing online multiplayer, I find myself not chatting while other players are.

Recently I've been playing a lot of Halo 4. I beat the campaign, and now I'm enjoying myself playing the online multiplayer. Previously, I've played Halo: Reach and played the multiplayer there. I made quite a few friends chatting with other players. This time around though, I've been almost silent. I don't always play alone, but when I do I don't chat with other players. I think maybe its because when I talk I always seems to get the "make me a sandwich" line sometime during the night (its a tradition).

Now granted, I make a pretty good PB&J but I'm not sure if being silent is doing me any good either. I get messages from people just saying 'hi' (I'm cynical and assume I'm going to get another body part I don't want to see) and more random friend requests than I know what to do with. When I play a particularly good game, I can understand the request. I can definitely play a beastly game sometimes. But literal random ones when the previous game is terrible and I haven't said a word? Please note: I can almost always hear you talking and the teabagging is seriously unnecessary.

I suppose theres always going to be that battle, and maybe I need to put myself out there more?
Maybe my analytical brain of mine feels the need to scope out the situation more than time allows in a game before I feel confident enough to chat.

Let me know if and when you chat with other players!


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