Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Current Game(s) I'm Playing

Console Game: Halo 4

As far as console games go, the Halo franchise has some serious roots within the Xbox community. This may be older for everyone else who likes to move on to newer things, but I personally like to hold off a bit until all the hype (and the price) calms down to start playing.

I know the history of Master Chief, and I had no idea where the storyline was going. I was seriously engrossed in this new storyline, and overall I was seriously impressed with where 343 took MC's storyline and will be happy when I get to see where the storyline goes next.  Halo games have always had an awesome multiplayer campaign, and Chris and I love to play together. We beat the campaign in a few play sessions. We played a chapter every few nights so the campaign was beaten quite quickly. We work well as a team together, so it turned out alright except for a few car/flying missions where I seriously am still terrible at driving in this game. haha.

The multiplayer, on the other hand, is really what takes the cake for me. Chris and I used to love playing teams with a large group of friends, but since we've all gone our separate ways its mainly just us now. And we find ourselves enjoying a good game of grifball or slayer instead of teams now. The only problems I've been having with the multiplayer recently is literally spawning right next to people, and the newer maps being /tiny/ causing the aforementioned problem. The tiny maps make it nice to find people, but seriously annoying when you're constantly spawning right next to 2-3 people trying to kill each other.

Casual Game: Geometry Dash

I hate this game. Seriously, I only have the free version and am about to seriously decide on whether or not I'm buying the full version or not. When I'm sitting at home in bed, and doing absolutely nothing, I find myself grabbing the iPad and opening Geometry Dash. Its a rhythm based action platformer that requires you to die a lot, get really frustrated, and refuse to play on practice mode until you get seriously desperate.

At first, it was just "Hey, complete the level, feel accomplished." and evolved into "WE PUT GOLD COINS IN IMPOSSIBLE SPOTS BUT I BELIEVE IN YOU GO GET IT."

What can I say, I'm a sucker for gold coins. But now that I've got all the gold coins in the free version, I want moooore.

Also the music they use is fantastic.


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