Sunday, July 27, 2014

Late Post: Friday's moving update

I was supposed to post this is Friday, but I didn't really have anything to write about until very late at night, and at that point I was so exhausted I just went to sleep and didn't write this post. Either way, here is EVERYTHING that happened to Friday.

For one: I requested the day off to be able to move allllll day long. Which thank goodness they requested. I felt like I was grossly underprepared to start moving that weekend, but it all ended up coming together (which I will get too). Chris arrived at 9AM & I drove to the airport to pick him up. We called Will to tell him to come over, and after a few hours and 2 different full carloads, we drove the 45 mins to my new apartment.

Did you know that when you sign a lease you literally have to sign about 30 different papers?
Because I sure didn't, and it took about 45 mins for the 3 of us to get all the paperwork signed properly. We finally got our keys and got to see our apartment.

We took some initial pictures and then we started piling in the boxes and things that had been packed. As the cars became more empty, the apartment started filling with boxes. Furniture wasn't going to be moved until Sunday, so all that we had to move was boxes and my ginormous wardrobe.

Will wanted to buy a new bedroom set so off to Ikea we went. Ikea is is like the awesomest place ever. We picked up his new bedroom set and ran it back up to the apartment. It was an exhausting but productive day. Rest of the weekend update tomorrow!

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