Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Moving Pains

Recently, I've decided to try and spread my wings.

Honestly, I had been almost completely dependent on my Grandparents for everything. They wanted me to focus on school, and nothing else. So I did, I didn't work, and I attempted to get good grades. In this past year, however, I've gotten a (shaky) footing and have been making a steady income. With my entire IT department (okay, there was only 3 of us) resigning and moving onto bigger and better things, my boss offered me job security. Which affords me the opportunity to be able to move closer to work and school. My family is happy for me, but I know I'll be missed. And truthfully, I'm starting to feel like the first time I moved into the dorm again.

At least this time though, I'm moving with people who I know will love and support me: My fiance and my absolute best friend.

The whole apartment hunt has been a course of trials and tribulations. Attempting to do it on your own, just doesn't work. Especially when your fiance lives halfway across the country. Thankfully, he trusts my decision making skills. And after months of looking online by ourselves, we finally just contacted a real-estate agent who found us an apartment we fell in love with the same day. A couple hours and a holding fee later, it was time to tell my family that we found a place. They are obviously hesitant to let me go, and overall don't want me to, but they understand the need to step out on my own.

Which is why I'm having problems, my immediate family is so supportive and loving. Why would I want to leave?

Because I need to start this family of my own.
I'm going to continue that strong supportive infrastructure with my fiance and our cats and our friends. I'm going to miss my family, but I'm going to love growing my own even more.


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