Monday, July 7, 2014

Post 4th of July update

I needed this past weekend.

I really feel like I got the opportunity to relax. And I got an amazingly golden tan. I did however, get to spend a lot of time with my Brother (who still snores like a banshee) and my Grandparents. I got to spend all day Friday at the pool with my Grandma. We chatted of course, and I made a few friend in 8 year-old Gabriela. She made me smile, she was interested in comics, science, and videogames. She reminded me a lot of myself, as we continued talked though, I realized that through her over-sharing she was probably going to turn away from any kind of STEM field in the future. Her parents seemed to do what most parents (without realizing it) do. Discourage their daughter from embracing what she was actually interested in, to talk more about her hair. She seemed relieved to talk to someone about how /awesome/ Mystique was (even though she was a 'bad guy') and how many different x-men there were in the universe.

I hope I made some kind of impression.

Although it did come to my attention that after a unfortunate event on Memorial Day weekend was quite the juicy topic for quite a few days in the community. To make a long story short: On Memorial Day weekend I was sleeping poolside when someone entered the gated pool area and slammed the gate. Which bolted me awake. So in a daze, I woke up and walked to the water fountain to grab some water only to hear when I come back this man (if you can call him that) saying all sorts of rude and mean things about me and my weight. To be honest, I originally didn't even know he was talking about me. There was however, a nice stranger who was sitting next to me who stuck up for me. Which I do sincerely appreciate. The wonderful drunk man who was saying these rude things to me eventually fell asleep, sitting up in a chair, with his mouth hanging open, poolside with a life-jacket on, beer on the table in front of him.

It doesn't help though that over a month later it comes to my attention that everyone there found out about it and was gossiping about it. Although the people who outwardly spoke to me about it were supportive of me, and did say they would come to my side in the event it happened again.

I posted quite a few things to my instagram @WenchQueen.

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