Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Adventures!

Friday Adventures!

Sooo today is the big day! Blog layout changeover will be happening over the course of the weekend. I'll probably end up coding pieces in stages, but considering I have most of it done already I'll mainly just be copying and pasting and correcting any tweaks I'm gonna need. I'm so excited for you guys to see what my fiance and I have been working on!

Other than that today has been quite eventful. Today was a half day at work considering that Monday is Labor Day. I ended up only spending a little over an hour and a half at work today because my classes ran until I would have gotten out of work. Either way, my class today was about Junk Science (which is a fairly interesting topic) and I ended up missing my second class because Chris LOST HIS PHONE. He was riding his BRAND NEW BIKE and FELL OFF. He scratched up the handlebars and the pedals, and he's got a badly bruised hip. He ended up backtracking and finding his phone. And overall everything is okay.

My new apartment complex has a fancy pool!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

7 Year Anniversary Post

My Fiance and I have been together for 7 years as of yesterday.

No seriously. Its been seven years. And to be honest, it hasn't felt like that long at all. Maybe its the distance, maybe its the fact that we didn't get to spend a lot of those 7 years actually together. But there has never been once where I've thought that this relationship was a waste of time.

I think it was after a year I realized how much I truly and deeply cared for this man.

I made him this little composite for facebook to see how awesome we are.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blog Overhaul Time!

Blog Overhaul Time

You know that feeling when you are tired of how your blog looks and are ready for an update? Well I'm at that point and am looking to overhaul my blog!

uhm no ew i dont liek u no more
I think when I started my blog I just picked something that I kind of liked instead of taking the time to actually work on my blog layout. And I know that a blog layout is actually fairly important for readers!

Being the tech-savvy blogger that I am I started a testing blog and have been slowly but surely adding to the layout I've been creating. One thing I've noticed between most blogs is the color blocking. Its BORING. (to me, anyway)
I dont want a pastel (insert color here) blog. I feel like its not being true to myself if I just create a blog that caters to others and doesn't feel anything like me.

I love science, beauty, videogames, and just LIFE. And what feels more like me than SPACE. It has seriously been an obsession and passion of mine for like, ever. I took a roadtrip to the Kennedy Space Center a little over a year ago and I had an absolute blast. I seriously wish I had the time to go back.
My fiance has been lovely enough to help create a new galaxy theme in my favorite colors. I'm hoping to debut it on Friday! I hope you guys like it!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Where I'm at now

Weight Loss & What I'm Doing To Get Healthy

Post 3 of 3:

A little post on how much I've lost & how its going overall.

So far I've lost 13 pounds.
Well, since the last time I got on a scale I've lost 13 pounds. I make a conscious effort to not step on the scale everyday and to just weigh myself once a week, usually on Saturday, and before I've done any of my morning activities. Although in the new apartment I can't actually weigh myself because I don't have a scale. I think I'll just wait to weigh myself again when I go back to my Grandparents house. (in over a week)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weight Loss Goals~!

Weight Loss & What I'm doing to get healthy

Post 2 of 3

Today I'm gonna chat about my weight loss goals.
And show embarrassing pictures of me staring down at the scale in disappointment.


Short term: My only goal is to lose 20lbs before my cousins wedding in the beginning of November. I'm in the wedding party and I'm terrified I'm going to be the chunky one in the group. I mean I probably still will be but at least I'll be 20 lbs lighter. AND, being 20 lbs lighter puts me at 170lbs. Which for me is a great first goal.

Long term: I'd love to get back down to less than 160lbs. Putting me at 150-159lbs. This is the weight I find most ideal for myself and appropriate for myself to maintain. At this weight I can feel most confident in myself and achieving this goal will feel amazing. I am not tall, and I know that this weight is high for people of my stature, but I am built like a workhorse. I didn't get hit by a car and have the ability to walk away by not being built like a workhorse. I have always been heavier and have a stockier build than other women. So putting myself through hell trying to reach an unattainable goal is doing nothing but torturing myself and lowering my self esteem.

Overall, I would LOVE to be able to wear a bikini again.
I want to be able to be confident enough in my body to walk out in a bikini again. I know everyone has a bikini body by just putting a bikini on their body, but feeling confident about that body under the bikini is a big part of looking sexy in said bikini.

If you don't feel confident, you wont look confident. And confidence is sexy.

Also since when was a size 14 considered plus size and why are all the 'plus-sized' swimsuits awful? I wanna look cute, not like my Grandma. (ps. love ya grams! <3)

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Monday, August 18, 2014

On the topic of Weight Loss...

Weight Loss & What I'm doing to get healthy

Post 1 of 3:

I'm not necessarily sure if these posts are necessary, but I wanted to share how I'm losing weight to inspire others to find ways that work for them too!

Overall, I just count calories. My limit started out at 1230 a day, and once I lost the first 10lbs the myFitnessPal app dropped it to 1200 a day.

Yes, I keep a copy of it stuck to my monitor. Also, ponies on my desk.
Food Schedule: I haven't really changed too much. I'm more or less just /very/ conscious of what I'm putting in my body now. And I keep the same food schedule almost everyday.

Food Schedule:
Breakfast: ~9AM - 9:30 AM
Snack: ~10:30 AM
Lunch: 12 Noon
Snack: ~2 PM
Dinner: ~6 PM - 7 PM

Dinner always fluctuates based on what time I leave work. And sometimes I eat breakfast at home when I have enough time in the morning. Otherwise, this is the Food Schedule I stick too. 

Typical meals for me are pretty routine, and I'm a creature of habit and have no problem eating the same things and only changing them up a little bit before I get sick of them one way and not the other. I love yogurt and chicken, & I made basic changes from things I would usually eat beef for to chicken or turkey. I also bake a lot of foods now vs. frying them. And have amped up the amount of greens I eat.

If you've got any delicious healthy recipes to share you can comment them below or send them to me via social media: Twitter & Bloglovin & Facebook & Instagram & Tumblr

I'll be posting about this all week long so keep on the lookout!


Friday, August 15, 2014

When is the right time to start a YouTube Channel?

This isn't a normal blog post about when the perfect time to start a YouTube channel is: I'm posing a question to current/future/past youtubers.

When is the right time to start a YouTube Channel?

I'm one of those people who doesn't commit to something unless I know I can do it wholeheartedly and with the intention of keeping it up. I think a few prerequisites questions are necessary to start a channel. And heres my list of "omg what ifs..."
  • Proper channel name - should I keep it the same as my blog or change it?
  • Should the content be the same as what I post about on the blog, or should it be something related but not the same?
  • How often should I vlog vs. how often would people actually want to see updates?
  • In a slew of other bloggers & vloggers, is there really a way to stand out? (I mean, besides your personality)
  • Should I have stuff prerecorded just in case I fall behind?
  • My interests are varied, so is that a good or bad thing? (ex: I love beauty and fashion, but also enjoy videogames and comic books)
  • What to record with (iPhone, digital camera) and what editing software is easiest to use?
  • Do I honestly have the time to dedicate to this?
I do feel like the blogging community is an accepting one, but these are just some of the questions running through my mind as I try to figure out whats best for me.

I know people say to just "jump right in..." but thats not my personality. I'm an overplanner and I like to have most of my details down before I even start. Not saying I don't have any spontaneity, but I am saying that in the preplanning stages I like to cover my bases.

Anyway, if you will have/have/did have a YouTube channel, let me know in the comments how you approached it. I'd seriously appreciate all the details.

And as always, you can stalk me via social media:


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sorority Informal OOTD & FOTD

Every year before the semester begins my sorority has the tradition of getting together and having dinner at a local place around the university. Last year we all met up at Corner Bakery and we literally shut the place down we were there for so long. The oldest acting member of the family is supposed to set everything up and invite everyone, but I had a feeling everyone forgot so I ended up setting it up this year!

Once again, we've decided to go to the Corner Bakery. I don't know if you've ever been there, but it is an absolutely delicious little restaurant with decent prices and lots of seating. Its also pretty healthy, and its easy to find all their nutritional information on their website. Which makes my food diary happy. I love their California Grille panini, and at 600 calories, its something I have to calorie budget for. The boys are on their own for dinner tonight since I'm out and I expect to come home to a couple papa johns pizza boxes and a liter of soda on the coffee table.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fiancee finally moved + impromptu date!

This past Friday my fiancee finally made the permanent move from New York City to Florida. He didn't come in until late Friday night and we went out with my parents to Quarterdeck where he ate the greasiest burger I think I've ever seen with fried pickles.
Its like literally torture for someone on a 1200 calorie a day diet, with no calories left to eat that day! Its the last burger he's going to eat in quite a while because all I cook now is healthy food! Haha!

Saturday though was my Grandmas big estate sale for her friend so Will, Chris, and I volunteered to help. They didn't particularly need all three of us, and we ended up taking my Grandmas van and loading Chris's two suitcases and his big ol' box + some other stuff into the car and trekking it up to the apartment. Once we got back though we dropped the van back off and headed home. We unpacked both of his suitcases and started his laundry. (Some spices his Mom had packed in his bag for him had exploded and everything smelled delicious)

By the time we got everything unpacked we were exhausted and I was not in the mood to cook dinner, and neither was he. We decided to go on an impromptu date to Ruby Tuesdays so I hopped in the shower and threw this look together.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Two Week Apartment Update + Wifi Issues

Its already been two whole weeks?!

No seriously, its been two weeks since I've moved into my new apartment. There are boxes everywhere still, and Chris doesn't get in until tonight so we'll still have to unpack all of his things. On the bright side though, the kitchen is unpacked & organized, the living room is how we like it, and the dining room is coming along nicely! We went grocery shopping the other day and got food for the week. I think this week I'm going to bring back the Tuesday staple of Taco Tuesday. 
So basically, my rooms craziness is contained to just my room and I still haven't attempted to start my closet yet.

AND I FINALLY HAVE WIFI. So here's the story.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Oh wow! I got nominated for the Liebster Award by Nina at Nina's Style Blog.
So today I'm going to dedicate this post to the Award. Maybe you'll learn something interesting about me by the end of this blog! haha!

Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm wearing WHAT...?!


Pants. Yes, pants.
To those of you who know me, you are seriously surprised because I only wear pants every once in a blue moon. Well, apparently a blue moon is tonight because I've got not only JEANS but SKINNY JEANS on.

To be honest I never thought I'd fit in these pants again. But, I do! They are still a bit tight, but wearable nevertheless. They are a darker denim and I've paired them with a colorful top. For my hair I've just done a simple hairstyle and paired it with simple makeup. I find going to work all glammed up to be a bit overkill. All I do all day is stare at code and the only people who notice are my co workers, who are already in shock that I've decided to wear pants. Please ignore my sandals: I had a charlie horse in my calf last night that left my leg aching for the majority of the day. (I actually left the house in my slippers!)

Friday, August 1, 2014

About Me - Contact Info - Hello Wench

About Me & Hello Wench

About Me

Noodle Boodle!
At the time of publishing - I'm a 24 year old engineering student, working almost full time, and enjoying my life. I'm engaged to Chris, & we live together in sunny Florida. I try to enjoy my life as much as I possibly can and I'm a little too addicted to all things nerdy. I love comic books and videogames, but have found to enjoy my feminine side more and more as I've gotten older.
I currently have 1 pet, a cat named Noodle. Hes a little over a year old right now and is very Alpha and very hyper. We're in the process of leash training his crazy self so we can walk off some of the crazy. (While we look crazy walking the cat in the meantime)
I collect anything with skulls and pirates on it. I also collect My Little Pony, particularly G4 Pinkie Pie.
I like all kinds of music, except country. I particularly enjoy hip hop dance music from the early to late 90's.
I studied dance at a studio for 7 years - and then ended up dancing hip hop in high school.

Contact Info

Whether its just to say 'Hi!' or give me a suggestion/haunt my every move you can send me a message through various means of social media:
(you tumbl at your own risk)

You can also e-mail me at:

Simple Disclaimer: All products I write about/use/review are my own opinion and are not influenced from an outside source. If I were to ever receive something I was reviewing I would write as such or include an asterisk (*) next to the product. I will never write a positive review on something that I do not enjoy/recommend.
That being said, I am PR friendly & willing to work with brands & companies - so feel free to send me an e-mail.

Hello Wench

Chris & I - New Years 2014
Lets start with the name: To be honest I love pirates, and my gamertag on xbox live is WenchQueen. Overall, the backstory is a fun night with my friends and an old purse. Not everyone needs to understand it, but the people who were there do. I do understand the negative connotation to it but it reminds me of some great times. Which is why I chose to turn something that archaically means something so negative into something that makes me smile.

Content: I want to write about what makes me feel content, happy, and maybe even confident. And document my life in the meantime. So that when I look back, I can see how much I've grown and what I've learned in the process.


P.S. Dont ever stop learning! Whether it be in school or from life experiences! Always push yourself out of your comfort zone, you'll grow so much as a person that way.