Wednesday, August 27, 2014

7 Year Anniversary Post

My Fiance and I have been together for 7 years as of yesterday.

No seriously. Its been seven years. And to be honest, it hasn't felt like that long at all. Maybe its the distance, maybe its the fact that we didn't get to spend a lot of those 7 years actually together. But there has never been once where I've thought that this relationship was a waste of time.

I think it was after a year I realized how much I truly and deeply cared for this man.

I made him this little composite for facebook to see how awesome we are.

Top: Sweet New Ride
Left: On our way to dinner
Right: After dinner closeup

We both forgot the gifts we were supposed to exchange at dinner. So when we got home we exchanged gifts. Well, I dont know if you can exchange a bike but it was sitting in the entryway when we walked into the apartment. I had been hiding it in my roommates bedroom since Saturday when my parents came up to go get it with me. Chris being from NYC doesn't drive a car, so when he doesn't have work and I leave for the day he's stuck in the house. So I bought him a sweet set of wheels for him to get around town in.
I also made him a cute little like 'grab box' full of little things. Mainly craft stuff so we could make something together & I made him one of those '21 reasons why I love you' card sets.

He ended up buying me an iPod Shuffle, which is great for my current walking/jogging routine. He also bought me a 3DS game (Yoshis New Story, which I will more than likely review) and got me an iTunes gift card to make my obsession with Geometry Dash more complete (did you know they added a new level?).

Overall it was a wonderful night and I have never felt so full and content in my life before.

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