Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Adventures!

Friday Adventures!

Sooo today is the big day! Blog layout changeover will be happening over the course of the weekend. I'll probably end up coding pieces in stages, but considering I have most of it done already I'll mainly just be copying and pasting and correcting any tweaks I'm gonna need. I'm so excited for you guys to see what my fiance and I have been working on!

Other than that today has been quite eventful. Today was a half day at work considering that Monday is Labor Day. I ended up only spending a little over an hour and a half at work today because my classes ran until I would have gotten out of work. Either way, my class today was about Junk Science (which is a fairly interesting topic) and I ended up missing my second class because Chris LOST HIS PHONE. He was riding his BRAND NEW BIKE and FELL OFF. He scratched up the handlebars and the pedals, and he's got a badly bruised hip. He ended up backtracking and finding his phone. And overall everything is okay.

My new apartment complex has a fancy pool!

I will be spending the last days of summer in the sun and by the pool. After I got home we went and spent a couple hours poolside. I haven't been to the pool what feels like in forever because all I do is work, go to class, and come home. I'm happy to spend sometime outside and in the sun.

Stalk me?


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