Monday, August 18, 2014

On the topic of Weight Loss...

Weight Loss & What I'm doing to get healthy

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I'm not necessarily sure if these posts are necessary, but I wanted to share how I'm losing weight to inspire others to find ways that work for them too!

Overall, I just count calories. My limit started out at 1230 a day, and once I lost the first 10lbs the myFitnessPal app dropped it to 1200 a day.

Yes, I keep a copy of it stuck to my monitor. Also, ponies on my desk.
Food Schedule: I haven't really changed too much. I'm more or less just /very/ conscious of what I'm putting in my body now. And I keep the same food schedule almost everyday.

Food Schedule:
Breakfast: ~9AM - 9:30 AM
Snack: ~10:30 AM
Lunch: 12 Noon
Snack: ~2 PM
Dinner: ~6 PM - 7 PM

Dinner always fluctuates based on what time I leave work. And sometimes I eat breakfast at home when I have enough time in the morning. Otherwise, this is the Food Schedule I stick too. 

Typical meals for me are pretty routine, and I'm a creature of habit and have no problem eating the same things and only changing them up a little bit before I get sick of them one way and not the other. I love yogurt and chicken, & I made basic changes from things I would usually eat beef for to chicken or turkey. I also bake a lot of foods now vs. frying them. And have amped up the amount of greens I eat.

If you've got any delicious healthy recipes to share you can comment them below or send them to me via social media: Twitter & Bloglovin & Facebook & Instagram & Tumblr

I'll be posting about this all week long so keep on the lookout!


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