Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weight Loss Goals~!

Weight Loss & What I'm doing to get healthy

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Today I'm gonna chat about my weight loss goals.
And show embarrassing pictures of me staring down at the scale in disappointment.


Short term: My only goal is to lose 20lbs before my cousins wedding in the beginning of November. I'm in the wedding party and I'm terrified I'm going to be the chunky one in the group. I mean I probably still will be but at least I'll be 20 lbs lighter. AND, being 20 lbs lighter puts me at 170lbs. Which for me is a great first goal.

Long term: I'd love to get back down to less than 160lbs. Putting me at 150-159lbs. This is the weight I find most ideal for myself and appropriate for myself to maintain. At this weight I can feel most confident in myself and achieving this goal will feel amazing. I am not tall, and I know that this weight is high for people of my stature, but I am built like a workhorse. I didn't get hit by a car and have the ability to walk away by not being built like a workhorse. I have always been heavier and have a stockier build than other women. So putting myself through hell trying to reach an unattainable goal is doing nothing but torturing myself and lowering my self esteem.

Overall, I would LOVE to be able to wear a bikini again.
I want to be able to be confident enough in my body to walk out in a bikini again. I know everyone has a bikini body by just putting a bikini on their body, but feeling confident about that body under the bikini is a big part of looking sexy in said bikini.

If you don't feel confident, you wont look confident. And confidence is sexy.

Also since when was a size 14 considered plus size and why are all the 'plus-sized' swimsuits awful? I wanna look cute, not like my Grandma. (ps. love ya grams! <3)

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