Friday, August 15, 2014

When is the right time to start a YouTube Channel?

This isn't a normal blog post about when the perfect time to start a YouTube channel is: I'm posing a question to current/future/past youtubers.

When is the right time to start a YouTube Channel?

I'm one of those people who doesn't commit to something unless I know I can do it wholeheartedly and with the intention of keeping it up. I think a few prerequisites questions are necessary to start a channel. And heres my list of "omg what ifs..."
  • Proper channel name - should I keep it the same as my blog or change it?
  • Should the content be the same as what I post about on the blog, or should it be something related but not the same?
  • How often should I vlog vs. how often would people actually want to see updates?
  • In a slew of other bloggers & vloggers, is there really a way to stand out? (I mean, besides your personality)
  • Should I have stuff prerecorded just in case I fall behind?
  • My interests are varied, so is that a good or bad thing? (ex: I love beauty and fashion, but also enjoy videogames and comic books)
  • What to record with (iPhone, digital camera) and what editing software is easiest to use?
  • Do I honestly have the time to dedicate to this?
I do feel like the blogging community is an accepting one, but these are just some of the questions running through my mind as I try to figure out whats best for me.

I know people say to just "jump right in..." but thats not my personality. I'm an overplanner and I like to have most of my details down before I even start. Not saying I don't have any spontaneity, but I am saying that in the preplanning stages I like to cover my bases.

Anyway, if you will have/have/did have a YouTube channel, let me know in the comments how you approached it. I'd seriously appreciate all the details.

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