Friday, August 22, 2014

Where I'm at now

Weight Loss & What I'm Doing To Get Healthy

Post 3 of 3:

A little post on how much I've lost & how its going overall.

So far I've lost 13 pounds.
Well, since the last time I got on a scale I've lost 13 pounds. I make a conscious effort to not step on the scale everyday and to just weigh myself once a week, usually on Saturday, and before I've done any of my morning activities. Although in the new apartment I can't actually weigh myself because I don't have a scale. I think I'll just wait to weigh myself again when I go back to my Grandparents house. (in over a week)

Overall though, being on a diet is not fun. Especially when everyone around you is eating greasy hamburgers and nomming on french fries. All while you sit there with your salad or plain chicken and a side of broccoli. I have however learned to suck it up and dont be afraid to indulge a little! Yes, I'll have that margarita today and yes I want a french fry. Do I eat all the french fries or have a /huge/ margarita? No. But one thing I have learned in the 40 days since I started this diet, was everything in moderation and to not feel guilty.

My support system (aka my fiance and roommate) have been absolutely wonderful during this whole change and have adapted to my new cooking styles without me having to push them off a ledge. And its lovely to have a support system who knows you're trying to do better for yourself and is willing to sacrifice for your health.
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