Monday, September 29, 2014

Mini Ulta Haul!

I was feeling pretty down after a memorial service I had to attend, so I did some retail therapy at Ulta to cheer me up!

I had a $50 gift card from AT&T so I decided that would be my little budget. I went looking to splurge on the Tarte palette, and of course they STILL didn't have it. So I got some other drugstore things instead.

I reallllly wanted to try the L'Oreal True Match foundation because all I hear are great things about it. My current foundation is a taaaaad to dark for my current (pale) skintone. So I picked it up and tried it out this morning. I realllllly like it. Light, long-lasting, and stands up to the Florida rain/heat/humidity. 
I also picked up a Nyx butter gloss in Tiramisu and a soft matte lip cream in San Paulo. They were both on sale and the Tiramisu is an amazing neutral, while San Paulo is matte and so vibrant to wear. I've worn the Tiramisu with more bold eyeshadows and when I want the attention other than my lips. While I've worn the San Paulo with neturals and had that pop of color on my lippies.
Also pictured is this silver essence eye-shadow, its metallic and I'm going to pair it with the black Ulta eyeshadow. I have an idea for where to take this look, but I've gotta test it out first.
The only other thing is the Palladio liquid liner in black, the one I was using is nowhere near finished, and the top just broke off! Not even superglue could fix it the lid/brush area was so broken. So I had to buy a replacement. They make a nice liquid liner, and I'm currently comparing it to the Almay one and the Rimmel London Scandeleyes liquid/gel liner. (I prefer the Palladio)

Overall, it was a successful trip and I really like the things I purchased.

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  1. Im having an issue adding you to twitter and other social media. :( I dont think those icons work. :(

    1. Hey lady! The buttons dont make you follow/subscribe or anything, they just redirect ya so you can click that 'follow' button. I was working on that before but I never got to finish it because I got swamped with work & school. ):

      Thanks for reminding me though and I'll remedy that. (:

      xo Jenn


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