Monday, September 8, 2014

A bit of a rant blog today...

... and it has to deal with the blogging community and social media

Today is a bit of a rant blog, and I'm seriously sorry about this but there have been a few things that have been seriously irritating me about a few things within this community.

Overall, I love it. I feel like I've made quite a few friends and I enjoy reading these blogs. But there are always just a couple bad seeds, ya know?

Shoutout to all those people who "F4F" only to unfollow once you follow them back.
No seriously, thank you. This irritates me to absolutely NO END. I make the conscientious effort to follow people and pages I'm interested in. Yes, I'm interested in gaining readers otherwise I wouldn't be @blogger retweeters and using the #bbloggers, #fbloggers, and #lbloggers tags to reach a larger audience. But when someone follows me, I make sure to scope them out and I almost ALWAYS follow back. Ya know, unless your  description is "I like to eat a**" (which has happened). People do this all the time on bloglovin and twitter.

Repeating SPAMMING of retweeters.
You use the retweeter for EVERY TWEET. Or @ them multiple (like 4 or more) times a day. I feel like I'm ALWAYS seeing your tweets. And its the same tweet/link/post that I've now seen like 4-5 times today. Yeah, they're getting clicks, but only because I'm blissfully hoping that you've written something original. Only to be fooled by the same post that I've seen since Tuesday of last week.

On top of that,
The only tweets that are posted are @ retweeters or only for your blog, no personal tweets where I feel like I get to know you.
I'm guilty of this. And I'm trying to get better and making an effort. I am a bit afraid to start posting every little thing I'm doing but only tweet when I find something funny/interesting. But there are a few people who I follow who are guilty of doing this and show no signs of slowing down. It makes me almost not want to follow you because I'm not connecting with you anymore. Your blog was interesting, but I'm losing interest in you.

I don't know if I'm the only person who feels like this, but I hope not. Thanks for reading my rant!

Stalk me?


  1. I totally feel your pain here! I've never really gotten deep into the twitter promotion stuff, other than using the blogger hashtags, but even those get super bogged down and annoying sometimes!

    1. They are so flooded like a ton so I think thats whypeople end up doing #2 or #3. Because they feel like they aren't getting any exposure. Its hard to surface in a sea of bloggers but I feel like people are too impatient and want followers/views/clicks and they expect it to happen instantaneously.

  2. I feel you, especially the serial unfollowers. They are the worst. It's a difficult balance. Sometimes I worry I'm tweeting too much, particularly when I participate in twitter chats....but the chats are a great way to interact. And with tweeting about posts, I try to limit it. The thing is twitter moves so fast. When I first started I too felt that I was always seeing the same tweets (and sometimes still do) but now with more and more in the feed, I rarely see someone's tweets back to back. :-) plus I do I don't have access to mu twitter 24/7 (don't use a mobile) so I supposed I'm shielded from the constant updating, lol. :-)

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    1. I just went through who I follow the other day, I nipped a lot of those people out of my feed. I think I unfollowed about 20 people. But the retweeters are keeping my feed happy and well stocked of awesome posts. (:


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