Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Plans...?

The more comfortable I get in my everyday life makes me realize that marriage is no longer something that a couple needs to do to validate their relationship.

Ones relationship is just as valid as any others with or without the churches approval or a legal binding. This legal binding does however, protect and give your loved ones rights and protects them.

Which is why, after two years of engagement to my lovely fiance I've decided one thing:

I want to start planning my wedding.

I want to be legally bound to him, as he will be to me.

As with any relationship, ours is one of give and take. We work well as a team and although I have my own character flaws he still tolerates my bossiness and other headstrong traits. (I can't help it) There are only a few criteria to my wedding:
  • Close family and friends only
  • Beach ceremony
  • Simple and etherial gown
  • Lavender and grey color palette
  • Nerdy twists
I want the ceremony to reflect us and our relationship. I don't need the reception or the big ol' party. I need my best friends and close family to be there.

The party with all our friends can come later. Until then, this is just a moment where two people who have been together for years can finally join their families together as well.

  • Puppy ring-bearers.
That is all.
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