Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What happens when a Bblogger gets an eye infection

Okay so originally I was going to show you guys a preview of my Halloween makeup...

But this weekend I decided it would be an AWESOME time to get an eye infection. So, what do I do instead of showing you my absolutely amazing Halloween makeup?

I show you a look that involves barely any makeup and also lets you look like a human being!

Please excuse the terrible quality.
Since I cannot wear any eye makeup because I have to put this terrible ointment in my eye 4 times a day I figured I could distract from my lack of makeup by having a seriously fierce brow, and a bold distracting lip. So thats what I did!

No srsly, 3 products.
I literally used 3 products on my face today, thats it. No sunscreen, no moisturizer, nothing. Just my bare face at a computer screen.

To make the bold brow I used the elf Eyebrow kit in Medium. I drew on a serious arch and deepened my brows drastically. For my lips I first applied my eos lip balm in whatever flavor the pink one is, and then I layered the Nyx Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Shade 03 which is Aphrodisiac.

And literally thats it. So boring, right?

I promise when my eyeballs get better I'll show you the awesome Huntress makeup!

Stalk me?


  1. Oh No! I hope it clears up soon. I don't know if you watch her, but Laura from MrsLolaLynn had an eye infection in the other day and in her video she wore this seriously bold, red lip and no eye makeup and it looked really awesome - didn't notice the lack of eye makeup at all and it was kind of refreshing. You look fabulous!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. I am definitely gonna have to watch that, I feel so silly out in public with no eye makeup on. Its literally the one thing I put on everyday. D:

      xx Jenn


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