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Halloween costume ideas

Costume Ideas for Halloween

So, as Halloween approaches I've done enough googling for Halloween costumes for about 3 people. So I'm going to show you some of the costumes that I seriously considered!

I like costumes that are a little more conservative, and usually had a male pairing because Chris and I are finally able to do a couples costume this year!

Costume #1: Broken Doll

I came across an amazing makeup tutorial on how to do a broken doll makeup. I spent a very long time looking for the proper costume to compliment the makeup I was planning on doing, and eventually settled on this dress shown on the left. My favorite color is purple and I had amazing ideas on how to style this.

I hate ordering costumes and clothing online sometimes, because I can't touch the fabric. But the reviews online for the dress were amazing.

If you like this costume I found it on Spirit Halloweens website.

I didn't end up picking this one though because Chris didn't want to be a doll or a puppeteer. Plus I had to think about its wearability throughout the night while I was hosting a party, so I eventually decided against this.

Costume #2: Day of the Dead (Sugar Skull)

Seriously traditional Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. The print on this dress fabric is amazing! I am obsessed with skulls and have been obsessed with Day of the Dead since I was really young.

I couldn't find this dress in my size anywhere.
I went to 2 different Spirit Halloween stores that cropped up.

Chris even agreed to be the matching male half of this costume. He even agreed to do the face makeup! (because we all know thats the real reason we do this costume)

After being throughly disappointed that my size wasn't available, I realized this probably wasn't the best idea either for hosting a party. The skirt is really poofy and the dress overall is pretty short. Good for parties, not good for hosting. I'd be wearing some ruffly bloomers under this if I went with it! Click here to see this dress.

Costume #3: Huntress

Huntress Costume
This is the costume I ended up choosing! It was fairly conservative, easy to wear, and Chris wanted to feel like Robin Hood so I went with it. Plus we were pretty big gamers so taking up an archer class and a rogue seemed like fun and took us back to our roots.
This costume was LIGHT, easy to wear, and it was actually a little bit too big! Which is going to be perfect for hosting the party!

I had just recently got the PERFECT boots to match this outfit, and under the shirt/dress all I have to wear is a comfortable pair of tights! The makeup I'm going to wear with it is more earth momma, with a combo of bronze, forest green, and a light creme. I'm planning on doing some serious contouring and braiding my hair just how it is in the picture.

One thing that I had to hunt for was the bow and arrows, can you believe a Halloween store didn't have proper bow & arrow?! I ended up buying two from Target because they were buy one get one Halloween accessories.

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