Monday, October 13, 2014

I found a Spooky Story that I just had to share

So I'm a sucker for creepy stories

And I read them as much as I possibly can. And I ran across this one, and it stuck with me because I feel like your family members stay with you after they've passed.

My great-grandmother was very close to my mom and was apparently an incredible woman. She died before I was born, but my mom tells us a lot of stories about her. From the time my little sister was born, she's had a very strong resemblance to old pictures of my great-grandma and her whole side of the family. Once, when my sister was a baby just beginning to learn to speak, my mom was holding my sister on her lap, talking and playing with her. My sister reached up and took my mother's face in her hands (like my great-grandmother used to do to my mom when she was alive), looked her in the eye, and very clearly said, "You always were such a beautiful baby." My mother was shocked, but my sister, who was not yet speaking in full sentences, had gone back to making her typical baby sounds.
My mom told this story at dinner when my sister was about six or seven. This was the first time my sister ever heard the story, and she was a little freaked out. As soon as my mom finished telling the story though, my sister's eye twitched, as if she were winking.

For those of you who do not know me, I was hit by a car a couple of years ago while riding my bike. The event itself traumatic, and I was lucky enough to only have some bruised ribs and a concussion. I went to the hospital for a few hours and was able to walk out on my own accord. And earlier in that year, my Uncle passed. The last conversation I had with him was talking to him about how I was going to have to make time to come and visit my family out there because I missed them.
I was only knocked unconscious for a few seconds. I'm not sure if you've ever been unconscious, but when you come out things get weird. I knew exactly what happened, and instead of panicking I felt this calm rush over me, and felt immediately like I wasn't alone, and that "its all good", which was something my Uncle said a lot. (My Mom actually has that tattoo'd on her in memoriam of him) And I think I told the doctor and paramedics "its all good" about a billion times.

I dunno, maybe family likes to hang around and watch over you sometimes? Maybe we look for things where there is none? Either way, whatever happened, it helped me.

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