Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday

I know how silly this is about to sound, but I seriously love Thursdays. Not only is it a day away from Friday and literally so close to the weekend I could taste it, but also I /love/ Throwback Thursday.

I love seeing everyones old photos, old memories, and what I love most is the radio when they decide to put a good mix on.

Now here's one thing you may not know about me, but I seriously resonate with early 90's Miami booty bass music all the way up until the early 00's hip-hop and r&b. There is nothing a good mix couldn't fix.

Speaking of: the radio stations down here usually do a pretty good job creating some bomb remixes. For me a good mix has equal parts sirens, amazing bass, fast tempo, and lyrics. I don't particularly care what they are talking about, but if its about shaking my butt, you can bet I for sure am. Singing the lyrics and wiggling in my car getting as crunk as I can without crashing my car.

Uncle Luke? Trick Daddy? Trina? DJ Laz? 69 Boyz? Quad City DJs? TLC? 2 Live Crew? Yes, please.

Basically, perfect throwback thursday mixes should make me want to twerk.

Judge me tomorrow. Because today I'm enjoying myself too much.

Stalk me?


  1. ohhh i miss the 90's to 00's hip hop, R&B/ should music. yuup excited for the weekend too

    1. The weekend can never come fast enough, but once its here its gone wayy too fast!

      xx Jenn


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