Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sorority girl crafting?!

Its Time for Big/Littles in the Sorority world, so you know what that means...


I have been gifted a little previously, and she made the sorority amazing for me! It was so awesome to have a little of my own.
This is us, we're awesome.
Her name was Cynthia, and she graduated before me! I'm set to graduate with my Computer Engineering degree in the Fall, and I was hoping for a new little to spend the rest of my time as an active with. Alas, that didn't happen for me. ):

For Cynthia, crafting for her was easy (sorry boo!) she was a typical sorority girl who loved pink and rhinestones and I loved how all her clues for clue week turned out. (I'll have to dig up some pictures somewhere, will edit if I find some)

This time though, although they are not my own, I am still helping with all the crafting! I'm so excited to have my family in my sorority expanding! I'll take about a billion pictures and post them once everything is revealed! Sorta like a sorority DIY. 

Also, over the weekend the Fiance and I will be doing the Whisper challenge. I'll put it on youtube so you guys can see how silly we are!

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