Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tabletop Tuesday!

Smash Up

I don't know how many of my readers are actually into board/card games, but tabletop gaming has most recently become a fairly central role in my life. My fiance, roommate, and I find ourselves playing tabletop games fairly often (at least once a week) and it can get pretty heated. (mainly because my fiance likes to play games by bending rules as he sees fit, and doesn't care how "fair" they are, as long as he gets the win)
Oh and if your reading this Chris, yeah I am tired of your gaming shenanigans. 

What did you do on your Monday night?
Overall though, we have a great time playing these games and we've found some pretty cool games since we've started on this tabletop adventure.

One of them is this game called Smash Up.
Basically: There are a bunch of different card decks with different "classes" as I would call them. What you do is choose two class decks that you like and Smash the cards together! In my hand you'll see that I had Time Travellers and Dinosaurs. (Or Time Travelling Dinosaurs) Chris was Ninja Spies (Ninjas & Spies), and Will was Magic Bears (Magicians & Bears).

The goal is to make it to 15VP (Victory Points) by breaking bases. Aka causing enough damage to equal or exceed the breakpoint value of the base (which varies from base to base). And then award points accordingly!

It is a fun game to play and you can play with just one other person and there are PLENTY of different smashes that you can do and plenty of different ways to play. We'll definitely be playing this game many more times.
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