Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Eve Outfit

New Years Eve

Fresh off of the Christmas goodies is the holiday where you wear the sparkliest thing you own and go to parties where you could possibly make some bad decisions. For me though, its the complete opposite.

I always see everyone make all these grand plans for what they are actually going to wear to a party, and I'm the same way. But I'm going to be honest and share with you the outfit I will actually probably wear.

I made another Polyvore for this outfit, because I haven't actually worn the clothes I plan on wearing yet (just got them for x-mas). Be sure to stalk my twitter for my New Years OOTD & FOTN. I'm sure it'll be glittery and I'll be partially inebriated as I take pictures and write the post. So enjoy it. ;)

Realistic New Years Eve Outfit

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