Friday, December 12, 2014


Okay so it was like 59 degrees outside, but whatever!

Okay so lets be real, I'm a born and raised Floridian so I barely ever get to wear the winter clothes that I've collected throughout my life. And my boots, well, I have a massive collection of boots and I wear them all Fall/Winter no matter what the weather is like. If they go with my outfit, I wear them.
No shame in my boot wearin' game.

The dress is seriously just a simple black v-neck long sleeve wrap dress. Wrap dresses are seriously so forgiving and lord knows I need to be forgiven for all that food I've been eating this holiday season! I picked the dress up a couple years ago in NYC at an H&M.
The red wool scarf is even older than the dress I believe. I got it quite a few years ago when I was heading to NYC to visit Chris one of the first times. I wore grey tights under it all, because they were warm (and clean, I seriously need to do laundry). And I paired the whole outfit with these suede boots with cute little buttons on the side that make my gams look amazing and the heel is suitable for all day wear.

To be fair, the FOTD is so simple. I've been so lazy with my makeup since the holidays. You can pull off anything with a good application of eyeliner (when it doubt, wing it out) and a fabulous lip. I just used the Almay liquid liner in Black, the elf eyebrow kit in Medium, and the NYX soft matte lip cream in Prague. 3 things to make a simple but fabulous face!

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