Friday, December 5, 2014

Mood Board: Modani Furniture*

Mood Board: Modani Furniture*

As I posted on Tuesday, I've been hunting through some furniture websites. It literally all started innocently enough when I was in my living room with the boys and I realized that we /seriously/ needed a bookshelf. But not for books, no no no. For all of our board games and "collectibles".

It was seriously like fate was watching me herself, because as I was lurking the bookshelf section of some website I got an email from the lovely Modani Furniture! They asked me if I'd like to do a mood board/post about some pieces and of course I said yes. Their style is everything  modern I'd like to have in a home but I'm wayyy too messy for white furniture and clumsy so I'd probably have more shin bruises from their furniture than a soccer player. (yeah, I'm American, its Soccer here)

They also gave me some amazing pieces to work with, and above is the mood board that I came up with!
Oh yeah, and that amazing black sofa is their 'Monaco black leather sofa'. It looks so seriously comfortable and those Love Pillows would look amazing on it. I'd probably actually take off the generic black pillows and put some silver accent pillows in the corner of the couch. The accessories make the outfit, right?

The company is lovely and is based in Canada, and they have a store in Miami and another store opening up local here in Aventura.

I created the room first, and then decided I was going to create an outfit for the woman who lives in the house. I think putting the room together was more difficult than creating the outfit! 

I love the ultra-modern feel of all their furniture, and I wanted to woman who lives there to be the same way, but have a little feminine flair to her. So I gave her a white lace dress with a cute black bow belt, and then kept the rest of the accessories fairly simple and the makeup even simpler. Berry lips with some winged liner, false lashes, and a heavy application of mascara? Yes please.

If you'd like a more in-depth view of the items I picked I'm linking them all down below so you can check them out:
Living Room Items:
Monaco Black Leather Sofa - LOVE pillows - Savina Lounge Chair Black - Mosaik Mirror - Bandera Ceiling Lamp
Also: They have some AWESOME art there, I love the colorful art like 'Midnight Cat' they have in the Home Decor Section. That art style has always been one of my favorites.

I actually made this look on Polyvore, so if you're interested in the items in this set check it out at this link (click me) on Polyvore! (its much easier just to send you to Polyvore than to list everything, sorry guys!)

And yeah, I realized I still don't have a bookshelf in that room. Haha!

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* This post was sponsored by Modani - some aff links may be included.

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