Friday, January 23, 2015

Life is crazy sometimes...

Lifes course can change in one moment

So this isn't going to be a happy-go-lucky feel good post. I had a "What's in my school bag - last semester" queued up - but I felt like this was a much more important topic to post about. You'll get the other post on Tuesday though - no worries.

So yesterday (and yes Alex - if you're reading, I'm talking about this) my friend and A.O.E. (Axis of Evil) sister had her biological sister get into a car accident. Around 2pm my time I get a call and its her saying "----- got into an accident. I... don't know what to do...?"

The thing is - what do you tell someone in that instance? I feel so terrible for the person who had to call my Mom and tell her that I had been hit by a car. It also brings everything - mortality especially - into a serious focus. I've driven/rode across that road so many times in my life - and its all gone by without consequence.

The headlines were the worst of everything - One Dead, Three injured in Alligator Alley Crash

Yeah - someone died in this accident. And she was probably doing nothing but coming home from a good vacation at the beach. In the process - she changed the lives of three individuals forever. Two of whom may never have the same mobility they had before the crash. 

My point is - cherish each moment you have. When I got home I hugged my pup a little tighter, and when I picked Chris up I kissed him for a few seconds longer. When we got home - we cuddled on the couch for a little bit longer than usual. After chatting about it with him we realized that everything can be gone in a moment, and that while we are glad it wasn't us, it could've easily been.

So when you go home today - whether you're alone or with someone else - hug them a little bit longer before you sleep. Tell them you love them just one more time. Even if you're hugging your cat/dog/pet/fish tank. I know I did.

Stalk me?

The rest is under a cut because an image of the accident is attached. If you don't want to see, thats okay.

That tiny little silver blip - was a full size Kia Rio.
Gotta say kudos to Kia though - the car did its job. The car crumpled but the cockpit stayed intact.

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  1. Oh my. This is tragic. My best wishes to all those involved and their families. You're right...we take so many things for granted and we let trivial things, at times, consume our thoughts and our actions. I'm hugging everyone I love (who I can) tonight. :-)

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