Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's in My Bag Tag - Final Semester Edition

What's in my Bag - Final Semester

Its FINALLY my final semester at University - and I am SO excited for graduation. I've already applied for graduation and I'll be so happy when I finally get to walk the stage. I remember when I started college it was like freshman year in high school all over again - I had 4 classes and I carried everything with me. But again just like high school - my bag has thinned out to only the most necessary items. I don't even need to make my laptop to school anymore because I've got my iPad!

First things first - the Bag: It was a gift from my Grandma for Christmas 2013. And it couldn't have come at a better time - my old bag was literally falling apart. It is this gorgeous purple maroon color in the signature coach fabric. It has both a body strap and handles to carry it with, and it definitely big enough to carry all the things I would need for school.
The second picture is an obligatory picture of Buster because while I was attempting to take pictures he kept walking in front of the camera. He's obviously a ham - and a Mommas boy.

Now onto the contents:
In the left image we have the paper contents of my bag. I carry around some looseleaf notebook paper, a folder to keep said looseleaf when things have been written on it, an old planner that holds some fairly recent notes, and a cute little cat notebook I used for my Engineering Design classes. We had to keep a lab notebook and I obviously decided that a cat notebook was the most appropriate.

The image on the right shows the rest of the contents of my bag - except my wallet and cell phone. The big reflective thing in the middle is my iPad - covered in finger marks from heavy usage. I get pdf versions of all my textbooks (when textbooks are even needed) and then port them to my iPad via Dropbox. Then I put them in iBooks and viola! Textbooks galore! 
The small spiral on the left is a little planner for this year - I put most of my sorority event dates in my physical planner and other notes about homework and tests and whatnot in there. Below that is my calculator, and on the planner is a USB drive and some headphones. Recently I've been carrying gum around with me because I've been trying not to snack. So instead of snacking I chew on a piece of gum! Below that is my seriously boring pencil/pen case that I've had since my first year of college. It was a less than $10 purchase from Walmart all those years ago.

Other than my wallet, phone, and a tiny  - thats all that I keep in my school bag! When I have to take my laptop to school I always carry it in my laptop bag. I used to carry my old laptops in regular bags but I prefer to carry the new one in the nice padded bag because I'm paranoid.

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  1. Love it! I have a giant leather tote and I'm always afraid it's going to break! Plus, I have to bring work shoes in my bag if I'm going straight from class to work!

    1. That happened to me! I had a big black pleather tote that I had been carrying around for at least a year - and then one day I picked it up while leaving class and the handle just broke! It couldn't be repaired. RIP.

      But I take this bag to and from my office all the time - I don't think my coworkers even know its my schoolbag!


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