Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sick Blog pt. 2

Sick Blog pt. 2

So yeah - I'm still sick. I haven't had the energy or the motivation to really do anything. I've spent the past 5 days sleeping and laying around my house. The only time I left was Monday to go to the doctors to actually find out whats wrong with me, and today when I attempted to go to work.

Lets just skim through the weekend:
I slept. 
No seriously thats it, I went to my Grandparents house and slept and watched movies (mainly westerns) all weekend. I left to pick Chris up from the airport - and then came home and went back to bed. After I slept for a bit again, ate some dinner, and drove our butts home.

I felt like absolute poo by the end of the night and just decided it was time to see a doctor - I had been sick for an entire week and had run a fever of 101 on both Saturday and Sunday. It was time to go. I made an appointment for Monday morning at 11am - that way I could go to work and not worry about being too late.
Top left: Elder Signs board game Chris & I played
Bottom left: Buster being overprotective of his Momma
Right: Me tornado'd in my blankie in our living room chair
Of course there was an event going on at the school, and I had to hunt for parking for 20 minutes. Which of course made me late for my appointment - so I missed my doc appointment and had to get squeezed in at 11:40am. Either way, I got squeezed in and met with the doctor. I told her all my symptoms: dry coughing, what was a stuffy nosed turned into a dry gross one, chills, fever, fatigue, generally just feeling weak and unwell. She listened to my lungs and told me she'd get me some medicine so I could get some sleep. She also told me that she was giving me some antibiotics so that we could make sure that I didn't having walking pneumonia, and that I should go home and take at least a day or two off so that I could get better.

Ya girl may have walking pneumonia?! Like... What?! I didn't think it would be that terrible. The worst is when I had to call my boss and let him know how sick I really was, and you could tell in his voice that he was like "Oh shit, shes really sick!" and not just saying I was sick so I could get out of a Monday.
Left: Me today - feeling better! But still not 100%
Top right: Buster and I on the chair in our living room.
Bottom right: Nene and Buster laying on me Friday night.
As you can see from most of the pictures - the dogs have been a constant since I got sick. Buster has been such a good dog since I started to feel unwell. He's taken up being a bit of an overprotective watchdog since then, and will wake me up by licking my face if he thinks I've been sleeping too long (during the day). Its cute but also very annoying if I've only been asleep an hour and am exhausted. My Grandma thinks its cute because it's like he's watching out for me just like I watch out for him. She knows he's a Mommas boy (sorry Dad!).

Either way - getting knocked on our ass like this for what I thought was a little cold is no joke. I'll probably still be out of the loop for another day! 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Impromptu OOTD

Impromptu OOTD

So, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to talk about today. Which really shouldn't be all that surprising because I usually never have anything really planned ahead of time. So when my friend and coworker asked to go outside to take some photos with him for his instagram the idea for this post popped into my head! A nice, comfortable, everyday, impromptu OOTD! I feel like I'm always showing you things that are complete and  perfect and lets be honest - thats not everyday.

So - lets get started!
The sweater is an Anna (reject) sweater that my Grandma picked up for me in the DOLLAR store. Yes, the dollar store. She was on vacation and she came home with this sweater in this pretty green color and a plum purple color. I have been loving the green one more than the purple one.
The pants jeggings are from Sams club - which is a wholesaler and I'm pretty sure these were around $15. They are comfy, have an elastic waistband, and fit perfectly inside boots. Criteria - met.
The boots are some ~2-3 year old riding boots that were picked up on sale from Bealls for like $30. Simple, and broken in!
The scarf is an oldie but a goodie from New York & Co. over 5 years ago!
Sunglasses are the only recent purchase actually - they were $15 from Target.

The makeup under this look is just as simple:
Winged liner using Palladio liquid liner in black, brows by elf eyebrow kit in medium, and a simple nude lip using a Jordana moisturizing lip balm in honey love.

Annnnnd, thats it. Simple, comfy, me.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sick blog

Sick blog

Ugh, I knew I was starting to feel a little off on valentines day, but "feeling a little off" has turned into a full blown cold! I feel absolutely awful - and my life chugs on whether I'm ready for it to or not!

This cold started Valentines Day, but I didn't really think anything of it because I had stayed the night at my Mom's house and my parents smoke. So feeling a little off around chain smokers really isn't something out of the norm. It wasn't really anything, just a few more sneezes than usual and a couple coughs here and there. I didn't think anything of it... until Sunday.

On Sunday Chris was slated to leave at some ungodly hour in the morning (6am) and there was set to be a blizzard at his destination. So he set these ridiculous alarms to go off at 3am, 4am, and 5am so he could check whether his flight had been cancelled for not. Good idea in theory - until the alarms wake both of you up and you have an absolutely terrible nights sleep, AND it was cold as hell outside! Either way, after dropping him off at the airport for his not cancelled flight I went back to bed - and woke up feeling worse than before.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day 2015

Valentines Day Weekend

I was going to write a beauty and fashion post about what I did for valentines day and the lovely makeup and outfit I wore - but reality set in quickly.

Chris is supposed to be leaving on Sunday morning to go to NYC to see his family again after moving down here. Which is very exciting - but it meant we had to turn our house inside out to get him packed for winter in NYC and get a suitcase ready for him. (which he didn't do until last minute) So on Friday we packed him up for NYC, packed up a bag for myself for the weekend at my parents/grandparents, and packed the dog up with us. We had a delicious dinner that my brother cooked for us (with my Moms help) and spent the night with them. The boys (Chris and my brother) played Magic: The Gathering until past 1AM. At which point I was exhausted and made them vacate the bedroom so I could catch some much needed sleep.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OOTD: Casual Work Dress

OOTD: Casual Work Dress

Lets cut right to the chase, some people don't always have seriously formal business offices. My office is probably the most casual of them all - we can show up in jeans and a t-shirt. (Perks of being an online based business) But my lovely office manager always seems to make comments to me (and only me) about how I dress in the workplace. I think she likes to believe that shes looking out for me, but commenting on my weight or how large my breasts look is very inappropriate. But no one says anything to her about her constant track suit/capri style.

Either way, I've had to develop a seriously conservative wardrobe with her prying eyes around. Considering even a v-neck tee shows "just a little too much". Busty girl problems, am I right? This OOTD is office manager approved for the shoe choice, no cleavage, and dress length. Its seriously /boring/ but can jazzed up with just a few cute accessories.

Work OOTD by xwenchqueen

Yeah, its another Polyvore. I wanted to snap a picture of todays outfit (which is ridiculously similar except for the amazingly cute cat bag) but by the time I had gotten home from work the sun had set and the lighting in my house is terrible. Either way, the dress I had on was a comfortable but appropriate 3/4 roll-up sleeve t-shirt dress with a string tie in the center to give it some shape. I wore Black flats with a large black bow on them, and accessorized with a chunky necklace from Target, some simple sunglasses and a cute hair bow to go with my messy topknot. I kept the makeup super simple with just a small wing for my eyeliner and a nude color Milani lipstick.

This outfit and many more like it have started becoming my go-to for work. What are your go-to outfits for school or work? Does your job/school have a strict dress code? Let me know in the comments!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

January Hits & Misses

January Hits & Misses

Always a little late on the hits & misses train. 
But oh well! These were my January Hits & Misses!


I have been in love with these lipsticks this month! I find myself wearing one or the other - and pretty much nothing else! The first one is an elf Matte Lip Color in Rich Red. It definitely is matte, doesn't dry my lips, and has a good staying power! I put it on in the morning and only need a few touch ups during the day. (usually after I eat, but thats not really surprising)
The second lipstick was my after Christmas splurge - I have wanted this Lipstick for months and I finally caved after I got some gift cards for Ulta. In case you don't know what this little tube of jesus is - its the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Melted Berry. And, I, Love It. It smells so good, it applies liquid and dries matte, and has amazing staying power. Also the color - to die for. I love this shade of berry. Did I tell you I had been lusting after it for months?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Recipe: Easy Roast Chicken (Update)

New Recipe: Easy Roast Chicken (Update)

Hey guys! Remember that recipe I posted approx. 2 weeks ago? Ya know, This one.
See I'm glad you remembered! But I actually cooked it this past weekend, and I wanted to give you guys an update on the end results!

Yes, I did actually cook this.

The prep overall was pretty easy - unfreeze chicken boobies (because I didn't want to cook a whole chicken) - preheat oven - toss together the sauce - put in oven for 50mins. Done.

So this the the prepped result:

Lets note some changes I made to the recipe: For onesies I doubled the marinade. I also used bone in chicken breasts. This type of chicken is preferred in my house so it was a simple decision. I also used a lot of green onion. I prefer it, I cook with it a lot, and it gave the chicken more green color because my local grocery had no fresh parsley. (it was late by the time I got there) Otherwise, the recipe was literally the same.

-- approx 50 mins later --
Ta daaaaa! *ding*
It looked absolutely delicious - and trust me, it was. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was moist but so very tender at the same time. 
The skin and the marinade gave the chicken and delicious flavoring and it wasn't too much or too little. It was just the right amount for the monster sized chicken breasts that I had purchased. (literally this was the only one there and they was ridiculously big)

As a side dish I ended up making yellow rice. Originally I was going to make mac and cheese, but yellow rice was much simpler and I could leave it cook during the last 20mins while I was prepping the table and getting everything ready for dinner.

Things I would do differently:
Next time I would like to actually try the parsley on the chicken - I'll just have to go to the store earlier in the day before the parsley all gets bought! I also would like to try this with the chicken marinating overnight and then cooking it the next day. While the skin and everything touching the marinade tasted good - the chicken itself hadn't soaked up much flavor. So it still tasted like regular old white chicken meat.

Overall I would count this recipe a success. The boys seriously enjoyed it and so did I. I will definitely be making this again - probably in the near future!

Did you guys try this recipe? Or were you waiting to see how it came out for me?
Check out the recipe right here on the blog. Let me know if you try it out and how it goes!

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