Friday, February 20, 2015

Impromptu OOTD

Impromptu OOTD

So, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to talk about today. Which really shouldn't be all that surprising because I usually never have anything really planned ahead of time. So when my friend and coworker asked to go outside to take some photos with him for his instagram the idea for this post popped into my head! A nice, comfortable, everyday, impromptu OOTD! I feel like I'm always showing you things that are complete and  perfect and lets be honest - thats not everyday.

So - lets get started!
The sweater is an Anna (reject) sweater that my Grandma picked up for me in the DOLLAR store. Yes, the dollar store. She was on vacation and she came home with this sweater in this pretty green color and a plum purple color. I have been loving the green one more than the purple one.
The pants jeggings are from Sams club - which is a wholesaler and I'm pretty sure these were around $15. They are comfy, have an elastic waistband, and fit perfectly inside boots. Criteria - met.
The boots are some ~2-3 year old riding boots that were picked up on sale from Bealls for like $30. Simple, and broken in!
The scarf is an oldie but a goodie from New York & Co. over 5 years ago!
Sunglasses are the only recent purchase actually - they were $15 from Target.

The makeup under this look is just as simple:
Winged liner using Palladio liquid liner in black, brows by elf eyebrow kit in medium, and a simple nude lip using a Jordana moisturizing lip balm in honey love.

Annnnnd, thats it. Simple, comfy, me.

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