Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sick Blog pt. 2

Sick Blog pt. 2

So yeah - I'm still sick. I haven't had the energy or the motivation to really do anything. I've spent the past 5 days sleeping and laying around my house. The only time I left was Monday to go to the doctors to actually find out whats wrong with me, and today when I attempted to go to work.

Lets just skim through the weekend:
I slept. 
No seriously thats it, I went to my Grandparents house and slept and watched movies (mainly westerns) all weekend. I left to pick Chris up from the airport - and then came home and went back to bed. After I slept for a bit again, ate some dinner, and drove our butts home.

I felt like absolute poo by the end of the night and just decided it was time to see a doctor - I had been sick for an entire week and had run a fever of 101 on both Saturday and Sunday. It was time to go. I made an appointment for Monday morning at 11am - that way I could go to work and not worry about being too late.
Top left: Elder Signs board game Chris & I played
Bottom left: Buster being overprotective of his Momma
Right: Me tornado'd in my blankie in our living room chair
Of course there was an event going on at the school, and I had to hunt for parking for 20 minutes. Which of course made me late for my appointment - so I missed my doc appointment and had to get squeezed in at 11:40am. Either way, I got squeezed in and met with the doctor. I told her all my symptoms: dry coughing, what was a stuffy nosed turned into a dry gross one, chills, fever, fatigue, generally just feeling weak and unwell. She listened to my lungs and told me she'd get me some medicine so I could get some sleep. She also told me that she was giving me some antibiotics so that we could make sure that I didn't having walking pneumonia, and that I should go home and take at least a day or two off so that I could get better.

Ya girl may have walking pneumonia?! Like... What?! I didn't think it would be that terrible. The worst is when I had to call my boss and let him know how sick I really was, and you could tell in his voice that he was like "Oh shit, shes really sick!" and not just saying I was sick so I could get out of a Monday.
Left: Me today - feeling better! But still not 100%
Top right: Buster and I on the chair in our living room.
Bottom right: Nene and Buster laying on me Friday night.
As you can see from most of the pictures - the dogs have been a constant since I got sick. Buster has been such a good dog since I started to feel unwell. He's taken up being a bit of an overprotective watchdog since then, and will wake me up by licking my face if he thinks I've been sleeping too long (during the day). Its cute but also very annoying if I've only been asleep an hour and am exhausted. My Grandma thinks its cute because it's like he's watching out for me just like I watch out for him. She knows he's a Mommas boy (sorry Dad!).

Either way - getting knocked on our ass like this for what I thought was a little cold is no joke. I'll probably still be out of the loop for another day! 

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