Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Get Ready With Me: Sorority Alumni Ceremony

GRWM: Sorority Makeup

I love my sisters! I really feel like I should start off this post by saying that. Through everything good/bad/ugly we are a group of women who persevere and excel. That being said - I'm kind of sad to graduate. I'm no longer an active sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon - I'm an alum now! This past Sunday was the alum ceremony - and while I won't go into detail I have to say I seriously appreciate all the sisters that I have and the friendships I've made.
But now onto the best part: the makeup!
There was absolutely no way I was going to the event Sunday night without a full face of makeup on!
I used mostly drugstore products to complete this look! The only thing that wasn't drugstore was the eyeshadows used.
To complete this look I used:
  • elf Primer
  • elf BB Cream in Buff
  • elf highlighter/concealer duo
  • Covergirl pressed powder in Light
  • NYC Bronzer in Sunny
  • Wet n' Wild Blush in Pearlescent Pink
  • Palladio liquid liner in black
  • elf eyebrow kit in a combo of Medium and Light
  • Natural lashes by Ardell
  • Urban Decay Naked 1 eyeshadow palette
  • elf HD powder in translucent 
  • Milani lip liner in Nude
  • Milani lipstick in Pretty Neutral

Okay so I know my lips look different in some pictures but thats because I slathered on about 80 lbs of original chapstick before I did my makeup because my lips are so dry and chapped right now. My bottom lip is actually busted!

For application of the BB cream I used my Beauty Blender. I usually just use my fingers for my BB cream but today was a special occasion and I wanted to look flawless. After applying the BB cream I highlighted my face with the elf highlight/concealer duo and blended it out again with my beauty blender. I then set my face with the covergirl pressed powder and moved onto bronzer! But not before I set my undereye with the elf HD powder. Using my elf kabuki brush I applied my bronzer pretty lightly because I'm pretty pasty and didn't feel the need to look like a bronzed goddess. I then applied my blush using my flat topped elf brush that you've seen in other posts and moved onto my eyes.
To start I drew on my brows - I don't have much to work with and I love using the elf eyebrow kit to draw my brows on vs. a pencil. Afterwards I primed by eyes using the urban decay eyeshadow primer and got to work on my eyeshadows. First I applied the naked color from the Naked palette as a transition color into my crease and pretty much just all over the eye. I then worked the color buck just into my crease. I then generously applied smog to the outer corner and inner corner of my eye, leaving the center of my eye bare for a lighter color. I then took a little darkhorse and blended it into the outer v. To fill in that center part I liberally applied the color sin, and then blended it all together with a blending brush. I highlighted the inner corner of my eye and my browbone with the color virgin and then applied the palladio liquid liner to the top of the shadow and created a dramatic wing.
I hate applying lashes - but it was going to happen tonight! I used the duo glue and applied the natural ardell lashes to finish off this look. I used a generic Ulta setting spray to set this face - and am really happy with how it turned out.
For my lips I wanted to go with a natural color because the dress was going to be purple. I went through a few lip choices, NYX matte cream in istanbul, milani pretty neutral, or jordana balm stain in peony. I ended up choosing the Milani lipstick in pretty neutral and paired it with the Milani nude lip liner.
Sorry for the crappy quality - I went to dinner and stayed a little longer than anticipated! But This is what the makeup looked like approx 6 hours later and after a meal! I think it stood up pretty well!

I had an amazing time with my sisters and I hope you like the look I created!

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  1. You're makeup did hold up pretty well - I don't know if I would have looked so good after 6 hours. :-) Congratulations on you graduation, hun.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. I was seriously surprised it held up as well as it did. It oxidized a little but nothing too terrible.

      && thank you! I'm so excited to graduate!

      xo Jenn


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