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How To: Dress for Graduation

How To: Dress for Graduation

I'm just gonna drop a couple tips & tricks that I used for graduation and pass them on. Graduation is an exciting time for everyone - no matter what you're graduating from! I recently (May 1st) just received my bachelors degree in computer engineering and wanted to share a few tips and tricks for how I picked out my dress for graduation. Remember: there will be a TON of pictures taken - so I opted to go for timeless rather than trendy!

1. Pick a conservative, but fun and young dress!
You're not an old lady! Pick a dress that is age appropriate and is a proper length. You want a dress that is young and looks cute with your friends, but also looks appropriate when you take photos with your professors and family. I personally chose a sleeveless dress because I graduated in the spring, but if graduating in the fall just watch that your sleeves don't peek out of your gown! Also - if you've got some large ladies like I do - find a dress that accentuates them but doesn't put them all out there on display! Nothing worse than feeling like your boob may fall out at any minute or having that one lecherous professor staring at them in photos.

Also - consider the color of your gown when graduating and choose your dress accordingly! My gown was navy for graduation so it pretty much let me run the gambit on what color I wanted to wear. I opted for a black and white a-line print dress with cross back paired with a cute yellow belt and black shoes. PS: A dress with pockets is a major plus!
My dress the day I got it!
I picked this cute dress by ELLE at Kohls!

Also: (and this is a personal opinion) Do not wear a maxi or high-low dress! It peeks out from under your gown and just looks weird. You can't see the top half of the dress so all people see is the bottom of the dress and they have no idea whats going on and it just looks like a flowy weird gown extension!

2. Wear cute, but comfortable shoes!
And DO NOT wear shoes that you can't walk in, you will be walking up and down stairs! Those super high stilettos may make your gams look like a slice of heaven - but if they are uncomfortable and you can barely walk in them, DON'T WEAR THEM. I watched a girl almost fall on her face going down the stairs the other day and I watched plenty of others being able to barely walk because they wore uncomfortable shoes! If you don't want to wear heels don't forget that wedges are always a viable option. Also: YOU CAN WEAR SANDALS. (Well, at least here in South FL) But don't go wearing your ratchet beach flip flops that you've had for 5 years. Wearing a cute pair of sandals is both comfortable and cute!

I personally opted for a pair of suede black pumps that were properly broken in and that I've worn before and was comfortable walking and tackling stairs in.

3. Pick neutral feminine makeup
They take your picture about 8 times as you walk across that stage - do you really want to be remembered in bright blue eyeshadow and hot pink lips? (Well, I didn't) So aim for something pretty, neutral, and feminine. But still yourself! I'm a girl that loves her liner so I still did a wing on graduation. I also picked natural looking falsies.
Foundation: e.l.f. BB cream in Buff
Powder: e.l.f. HD powder in Translucent
Highlighter: e.l.f. highlight/conceal duo in light
Blush: Wet n' Wild in Pearlescent Pink
Bronzer: NYC Bronzer in Sunny
Eyebrows: e.l.f. eyebrow kit in medium
Eyeshadows: Naked Palette in Virgin, Nude, Half Baked,
Smog, and Darkhorse
Eyeliner: Almay Liquid Liner in Black
Lashes: Ardell lashes in Natural
Lip Liner: Milani in nude
Lipstick: Milani in Pretty Neutral
And don't forget the temperature while you sit through your ceremony. So think about the sweat factor of your makeup. Shiny or dewey is not good - so pick a foundation and powder that will keep you matte and is good for photos. They WILL be using flash.

4. Pick cute, simple jewelry pieces
I personally chose simple black and silver flower earrings and paired them with some diamond earrings. I also wore my engagement ring and a statement ring on my other hand. I was planning on wearing a cute simple necklace but couldn't get it on the day of - so instead of fighting with it I simply just left it off. Also, if your graduation is outside pick a cute pair of sunnies to wear! If your dress has pockets just pop them in your pocket before you walk the stage.

5. No purses!
I made this mistake - I didn't have the chance to meet up with my family before the graduation so I had to carry my purse in with the procession. I didn't have to walk with it because I had a sister close-by and she held it for me, but it would've been best to leave it with my family and to just pop my phone into my pocket. Even cross-body bags are fairly visible under your gown so its best to just leave the purses at home or with family.

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  1. ahh! you looked gorgeous, congratulations!!

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    1. Thank you lady-pants! It was such an exciting day I'd do it all over again! (ya know - minus the years of work for the actual degree)

      xo Jenn


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