Friday, May 15, 2015

Let's Talk: Body Positivity

Let's Talk: Body Positivity

In connection with the #bdibNA chat I'm going to post the fully fleshed out answers to the questions I'm going to pose. This post may not have a lot of pictures - but it does have one thing: realness. I've also decided to post this a little before the chat so those of you who are participating can see my POV. 

Q1) What is your favorite part of your body?

I have always loved the way my legs look. They are muscular with the right amount of fat - and my booty at the top is like the cherry on an ice cream sundae. (ya know, small but awesome)

Q2) On the topic of some self love - what is your favorite swimsuit type? Are you more comfortable in a one piece, tankini, bikini, high-waisted bikini, etc. (so many options!)
Overall I usually like to cover my stomach at the beach - it's not that it's not fabulous or anything - it's just that I don't particularly like the stares/glares I get when I'm at the beach. I'm usually at the beach with my family/friends and I'm there to have fun, not cause a rukus because my boobies are just so damn fabulous and this 180lb bod is making you feel uncomfortable.
It took me a LONG time to get comfortable in my own skin - but I am conscious of the people around me. I recently purchased a high waisted bikini from forever 21 (well 2, the first one got lost in the post) and I'm totally in love with it.

Q3) Is your health/weight anyone else's business besides you and your doctors? 
I mean, it's my family and my fiance's business too. They want the best for me and if the doctor tells me something that I feel needs to be shared I will. But other than that - no, its not anyone else's business except my own.
I'm going to bring up Tess Holliday as an example - she is a gorgeous plus-sized woman and is a role model for many plus-sized women. When she shot to fame she was widely criticized because she was plus-sized and shouldn't be viewed as a role model. Because being that big can't be healthy - right? But lets look at the other end of the spectrum, we say the same thing about models and women who are too thin. "Oh its not healthy to be that thin" or "go eat a hamburger".
So in reality - if their doctors deem them healthy - is it really any of our business? Why is it just SO hard to be comfortable in our own skin? Why do we feel the need to criticize other women? When in reality we should be celebrating their successes and the impact that they are making on the world. Its a double edged sword being a woman, and it's up to YOU to find that confidence within yourself to bring yourself up and the women around you as well.

Q4) Can positivity about your body lead to confidence in real-life? Can it lead to more confidence in the workplace/in your abilities?
I think that being positive in general can bring out confidence in ones everyday life. But body positivity can help you walk a little taller, and engage the world with more confidence than ever before. If you feel good, you just emit those positive vibes out into the world. People can always see when you feel good about yourself - so work it out!

Q5) What do you wish you could tell your younger self?
That the feeling of never being thin "enough" will never go away - but you will find love, you will be happy, and you are going to be a strong, confident, and successful woman. Maybe if I had found a little self-love earlier I would be different now - but everything happens for a reason and just ride that roller coaster until it stops. And also:

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  1. RUPAUL! I tell myself that every time I'm about to leave the house. I also found that what really helped one of my friends - who was worried about wearing a certain item out - was when I said that she isn't wearing it for them, she's wearing it for her! If it makes you feel good then why the hell not.


    1. Exactly! I wore a v-cut pant jumpsuit today and all my Mom said was "Jenn, your boobs are just everywhere today and they look HUGE." and I just looked at her and told her "I KNOW RIGHT? They look damn good today!" Which kind of turned her "concern" on its head. I say to myself to wear what makes you feel good - don't worry about what others think! And I do, everyday!

      xo Jenn


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