Monday, July 27, 2015

15 Weird Facts Tag

15 Weird Facts Tag

#1 What's a nickname only your family calls you?
A nickname only my family calls me is 'Pup'. My Grandfather is the designated nickname-assigner, and when I was a kid that's what I got! Unsurprisingly, my little brother is called 'Baby Pup'.

#2 What's a weird habit of yours?
I have to set everything to sets of 5. The TV can't be on 12 - it has to be at 10 or 15. Also whenever I get out of my car I have to lock the car once, and then once I've walked away from it I have to click the little 'lock' button on my car again.

#3 Do you have any weird phobias?
Uh, I'm afraid of fire?

#4 What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?

I will literally sing anything if it triggers a song in my head. But there are some country songs that I actually like but will not sing in front of anyone else.
#5 What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
Spitting. I hate it when I see guys or girls spitting in public. I find it absolutely disgusting. I also hate that noise that people make when they like suck the back of their throat. Ugh - annoying!

#6 What's one of your nervous habits?

I bite my nails suuuuuper bad. I have since I was a kid.
#7 What side of the bed do you sleep on?
I usually like to sleep on the right side of the bed - but I pretty much just prefer the side of the bed that's closest to the door.

#8 What was your first stuffed animal & it's name?
My first stuffed animal? Man I don't know. I had this super large bear when I was a kid that I slept with all the time. I didn't name him though. He was just a big white polar bear.

#9 What's the drink you ALWAYS order at starbucks?
Venti Iced Passion tea lemonade. With extra sweetener - ALWAYS.

#10 What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
Probably about how often you should wash your brushes. I wash mine maybe once every 2 weeks? But to be fair I only use like 3 and I wash the sponge I apply my makeup with more often.

#11 Which way do you face in the shower?

I always face away from the shower head unless I'm washing my face.
#12 Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
I can roll my toes under my feet and stand on them?

#13 What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food that's 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?

I love eating Country Fried Steak. It literally is so delicious and I love it but I'm pretty sure its terrible for you - I mean its fried steak with creamy white sausage gravy on it. And bacon.
#14 What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
"Sweet baby jesus"

#15 Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
Usually just a t-shirt. I have this one shirt that I have literally had forever and it is the most comfortable thing in the world.

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  1. I love these kind of posts, I feel I know you a lot better!


    1. I love reading when others do them too - so I figured this would be something fun to do & give you guys a little insight into my life!

      xo Jenn

  2. That's funny that you have a thing with numbers. I sort've just like to keep things in the even number realm as much as possible. Also I agree that spitting to the worst! I'm getting agitated just thinking about it.


    1. Spitting is so gross - I always see men doing it in public and it drives me batty! I've seen women do it before too!

      xo Jenn

  3. These kind of posts are fun to read to. It helps us to know the person behind the blog and let us know that we are not the weird ones alone.

    Yay to the crazy bloggers club! :D


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