Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Wear a Leopard Dress to Work

How To Wear A Leopard Dress to Work

Wearing prints in the workplace can be one of the most difficult things - and leopard print is no exception to this fact. Recently I picked up this super cute Leopard print dress from Target for $25 and really wanted to wear it to work. So I did what every other 25 year old would do - I sat down at my computer and googled "Can I wear leopard print to work?" Now this may vary by office or building, but my office is pretty casual when it comes to a dress code. Other offices in the building have a pretty strict dress code, but since we don't meet clients face-to-face its not really necessary when we will be sitting on a computer all day making calls.
Either way, to the left is the dress that I wore. Its a super cute blousey  dress that I bought with a friend on a recent Basic Bitch Sunday trip.
Its sleeveless, has a keyhole front, is short, and has a defined waist. To make this work appropriate I accessorized with a few simple items that I already had in my closet: a black belt, cardigan, flats, cute hair bow.

The thin black belt was a staple for me. It was leather and had a tarnished bronze-gold buckle and went perfectly with the dress. I decided to wear it under the cardigan just in case I went out after work.

Black cardigan - how can you go wrong? This one had short sleeves (because it's hot) but was light and comfortable enough to wear all day.

I paired the outfit with Simply Vera Tuxedo Flats in black. I love these shoes and they have a giant black bow on them. They bring a little femininity into an outfit while keeping it comfortable. I also would of worn a pair of black gladiator sandals or some thick black strap wedges if going a little more casual or bringing the dress to a more nighttime look.

For my hair I kept it simple (and Jersey Shore), I pulled a Snookie and pulled just the front half of my hair back and pinned it in place giving myself a little bump. I then pinned a black bow from F21 and was all done!

Here are some obligatory bathroom selfies from work!
I kept the makeup pretty simple for this. Just an elf BB cream with some seriously winged liner under my glasses. I kept the lips neutral with Milani Pretty Natural lipstick and Nude Lip liner. I popped a little blush on my cheeks and that was it!

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  1. First of all, Basic Bitch Sunday sounds amazing and I want to know exactly what that entails. Secondly, love the dress, love the styling, all of it. Yay for leopard print! :)

    1. Basic Bitch Sunday (BBS) is basically just a day where we go on errands, drink Starbucks, and spend too much money on Target!

      xo Jenn

  2. You look soo classy girl, love this outfit!

    Catherine xx


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