Thursday, August 20, 2015

My vacation to Deep Creek, Maryland

Deep Creek, Maryland

I'm back from vacation! While I was gone I managed to take around 100 photos and its taken lots of time to get through them all. But while I was gone I got to do some really awesome things!

First things first, I flew into the SMALLEST airport I think I've ever been in. It literally had one terminal and three gates, and the only airline that flew in/out of it was Spirit. It was also the closest airport to my destination and I was still TWO HOURS out. What can I say, I decided to go to the middle of nowhere.

First day there I flew into the airport with my brother and met up with my Grandparents who had driven up there a few weeks earlier. After a bit of a drive we met up with my other set of Grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle who had met up with them the day before. We went to a nice lunch at the local Longhorn and caught up on life. I hadn't seen my other Grandparents in a long time and it had been at least 10 years since I had even been to their house.

Afterwards my Aunt and Uncle joined us on our journeys and we ended up at the Ohiopyle state park. Luckily for us it offered us a gorgeous view and gave us the chance to stretch our legs after a bit in the car. We also got to see some of the river we would be rafting on a few days later. (we actually launched just South of where these photos were taken).

Afterwards we collected multiple pamphlets about who we wanted to go white water rafting with and took a billion photos we headed to the cabin we would be staying at for the week. And it was gorgeous! I ended up hitting the hay super early because we were awake for so long (my brother and I had been up since 5:30am!) Little did I know this was just the beginning to an awesome vacation!
On Tuesday we headed up to the Wisp Resort in Deep Creek. My Grandfather told me about a mountain coaster they had and the ski lifts and I was down to try! I slapped on my water shoes and we were off! The mountain coaster was the highlight of the day - it was literally a cart with a simple seatbelt and a handbrake. I got to control how fast I went! After we did the coaster my grandfather and I took the ski lift to the top of the mountain. (it gets pretty picture heavy here, it was gorgeous)

Now coming from a place where I am at or below sea level - mountains are a nice refreshing change. The weather was absolutely gorgeous while I was out there too.

On Wednesday we went white water rafting. It was probably the most fun I've ever had white water rafting before. To be fair though - it was HARD. We were on the river for almost 5 hours! Remember those pamphlets from before? We decided on going with White Water Adventurers and we did the mid-tier Lower Yough which had class II-IV rapids. Totally worth it - we had so many stories to tell by the end of the day and we were still talking about it days later. 10/10 would do again - even if I did fall out!

That night we made smores on a REAL bonfire. It was the first time I had ever roasted marshmallows on an open fire. So delicious.

The day after I had more family come to visit us and had a great day of just bonding and enjoying each others company. We made another bonfire and made more smores and overall were just ourselves.

This was definitely a much needed vacation and I loved every moment of it. I felt SO rested even after a week of doing all these things. The plane ride home was bittersweet.

Maybe next time I'll bring bae along. Maybe.


  1. Your holiday looked amazing! Definitely bring bae along haha

    1. Maybe! Haha. I think maybe he's overdue a vacation soon.

      xo Jenn


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