Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quick & Simple: Glasses Makeup

Quick & Simple: Glasses Makeup

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be going over a few tips and tricks I've got so that you can glam it up even if you've gotta wear glasses! I've worn glasses for over 15 years - so the only kind of makeup I did for a very long time was the kind where I had to put my glasses on over it.

Please note: I'm not wearing foundation in these photos. I literally just have powder on my nose to help keep the redness down and too help with the oiliness. This summer I've been raving over BB creams and they work really well with my glasses. Any foundation I put on always rubs off in the nose area - especially in the summer.

First things first: Eyebrows.
Your glasses frame your face, but your brows frame your glasses - so make sure they are on point! I consistently use the ELF Eyebrow Kit in medium. Having your brows look on pointe is seriously important because they are going to be one of the most prominent features on your face. A good under brow highlight also can bring the look up a notch.

Now I know that the main focal point for a lot of makeup looks are the eyes. But with glasses that mentality is thrown off a bit because you've got spectacles covering yours! I like to keep my eye looks pretty simple - I'm not gonna BLEND BLEND BLEND and then no one is gonna be able to see it. I've been loving cream shadows lately and the Maybelline color tattoo metals collection in Inked in Pink has been a good go to. I just use my finger to place that all over the lid and then top it off with some eyeliner. Now - eyeliner for glasses is a little bit different than eyeliner otherwise. You can layer your eyeliner on and don't be afraid to panda it out a little bit. I find that this Almay liquid liner is the blackest liner I've found in a long time.

For my face I literally am using just two products. The ELF face powder in light - and I just liberally apply that around my nose to combat the inevitable redness from my glasses and the oil produced from said glasses resting on my nose. Then I just popped some of the new Milani blush in coral cove on my cheeks and that was it!
Since this look is so versatile You can go one of two ways for the lips. You can choose a nude and keep this look as natural looking as possible - or you can be like me, and throw on a pop of color with a red lip. Both options look good and the red can really amp the look up a bit. Either way you go - its sure to look good. Since its summer I leaned towards these Jordana twist and shine moisturizing lip balms so combat my dry, chapped lips. The first color is the red shade called rock n' rouge and the second shade is a pretty neutral pink called pink peony.
Here was the completed look:

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