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Getting to Las Vegas from south Florida is a bit of a haul (like, a 5 hour plane ride). So the first thing I'm going to want to do is wear comfortable enough clothes to sit on a plane for 5 hours and also not drive the TSA (and the people behind me) crazy at the airport.
#UltimateVegasOutfit 2

I'm going to keep it comfy chic by wearing some comfortable broken in boyfriend jeans with an old Fall Out Boy band tank. I'm also going to be keeping the accessories to a minimum with just a watch, bracelet and a cute pair of earrings all while pulling my ridiculously long hair into a cute messy ponytail. I'm keeping makeup to a minimum with just some natural shadows and a cute pink lip. A backpack to hold all of the stuff I'm going to need on the plane is essential. I like to read while I'm on a plane so it's gotta be big enough to hold at least one book and my ipad. Pair all of this with some super cute kitty flats and we're good to go!

That night though, ya girl is gonna turn out.
#UltimateVegasOutfit 3
The dress is a super cute tank floral skater dress from Miss Rebel. Its super short, has spaghetti straps, and has a cool mesh panel on the bottom of the dress. It can however get a little chilly in Vegas at night (I mean it is a desert) so I paired this dress with an awesome leather jacket to give it an edgier vibe. 
For accessories some simple but geometric layered necklaces paired with some cute stud earrings and stackable rings completed this look.  
Shoes make an outfit, so I decided booties was the way to go. Strappy shoes can get very uncomfortable by the end of the night (this is personal experience). So go with a heel you're comfortable with and a shoe you feel like you can wear all night, because you will be out ALL NIGHT.
Makeup wise, I mean, you're in VEGAS. Go smokey, go bold, and go sultry... because you CAN. Grab that Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette that you just spent your hard-earned money on and SMOKE THOSE EYES OUT. Put on a nice dose of winged eyeliner and layer that with some of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Top the whole look off with some berry toned lipstick from NARS and don't forget to paint your nails! Pop everything you're going to need for the night into your cross-body bag (because you're not going to want to carry your bag all night) and head out for whatever you want!

The morning afternoon after.
Let's be honest, you got back to the hotel and some ungodly hour in the morning and you are still wearing last nights makeup. Wash your face, order room service, and then head down to one of Vegas's awesome pools.
Those sunglasses? You're going to need them.
#UltimateVegasOutfit 1
Grab that high waisted bikini, your cover up, some simple nude sandals, and a big floppy hat and head down to the pool. Before you leave though pop on some BB cream with an SPF, some waterproof mascara, and a sheer pink lipgloss. Drink a big glass of water and relax for the next few hours before you do it all over again, because you're in VEGAS BABY!

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