Tuesday, September 29, 2015

MAC Whirl Lip Pencil and Lipstick

MAC Whirl Lip Pencil and Lipstick

MAC Whirl has been around the block a couple times, well, more than a couple times. But for me this is my first MAC purchase because I've just heard so many good things about it and I just had to try it for myself.
First things first, the color is gorgeous. It's the perfect pinkish-brown color for me, and I can definitely see it being a staple this season. Whirl is one of those shades that looks different on everyone and I definitely overdid it the first time I used the lip pencil. THe next time though I used a lighter hand and filled it with its matching lipstick. I ended up topping this off with a gloss I had on hand (some neutral NYX one) and I absolutely loved how it came out. I'm going to have to try an ombre effect with this lipstick because it is BOMB. Which is expected.

Are you a longtime lover of Whirl?

Monday, September 21, 2015

#ManiMonday with Impress Manicure*

#ManiMonday with Impress Manicure*

It's well known that I'm a terrible nail biter - it's only recently that I've allowed my fingernails to grow out. I've used different press-on nails before and they were completely subpar in comparison to these ones. ImPRESS Manicure was nice enough to send me a couple samples and I couldn't be happier!

This is how my nails started out! You can't really notice it but the only reason my nails even made it to this length is because I wore acrylics for over 2 months. As most of us know, acrylics are not very nice to natural nails so my nails are pretty brittle and thin. Which makes regular nail glue a no-go for me and the adhesive they use even better than I expected! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sorority Transition: Active to Alumna

Sorority Transition: Active to Alumna

Who knew a decision I made 3 years ago would affect my life in the profound way it has. In these photos are some my best friends, and they just so happen to also be my sisters.

We may not be of blood, but we are a family no matter what. My gram always told me you get out of life what you put into it, but I think this sisterhood has given be back ten-fold what I've given it.

This post is long, picture filled, and probably very sappy. But this is what it feels like to be in a sisterhood of smart, amazing, driven, and powerful women.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's In My Makeup Bag

Whats In My Makeup Bag

Today I had originally planned a super quick and easy get ready with me for work, but I recently was changing my makeup bag and I realized how much crap I carry with me almost everyday. So I decided to do this instead.

Lets start at the base. For my face I've got an elf BB cream in beige, an elf powder in light, and a Milani blush in Coral Cove. I've talked about these essentials multiple times around here on the blog so why wouldn't they be in my everyday makeup bag?! The brushes I use to apply these things to my face are the elf flat powder brush and the elf blush brush. Both are faves of mine and I almost always have these brushes in my makeup bag.

The BB cream is perfect for the weather here in South FL as it is almost always disgustingly hot and I know you don't have to powder a BB cream, but I usually powder the T zone of my face so I don't look quite so greasy.

Next on my list is products just for the eyes! I didn't quite realize how much eye stuff I carried around but then again it wasn't until I went to take pictures when I realized I needed to empty this bag.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Recipe: Crockpot Stuffed Peppers

Recipe: Crockpot Stuffed Peppers

I got a crockpot for christmas last year, and have been absolutely in love with it since I got it. I'm always on the hunt for new recipes that I can make in my crockpot, and this is the perfect recipe to make in it. On the plus side - it's super simple to make and I always have leftovers!

This is my grandma's recipe - so there are no real measurements. She always told me "go with what looks good" and well, it turns out delicious every time so she must've done something right! (Or this recipe is bomb proof)

Ground Beef
Green peppers
Garlic Salt
Canned Tomato Soup
Instant Rice

Depending on how many and how big your green peppers are is how much ground beef you should buy. I bought three medium sized peppers and needed a pound and a half of ground beef. I opted for lean ground beef as it creates less 'juice'.

1. Combine ground beef, egg, and instant rice in a bowl. Add as much garlic salt, pepper, and salt as you like.
2. Mix the above together using either your hands or a baking spatula. (for 1.5 lbs GB I needed to use 2 large eggs) Eggs act as the 'glue' that holds it all together, so add another egg if you need more 'glue'.
3. Core green peppers, leaving just the hollow shell. (no seeds!)
4. Take meat mixture and stuff the pepper until it reaches the top.
5. Put canned tomato soup on the bottom of the crock pot, place peppers inside, then top with another can of tomato soup. Then add one can of water.
6. Put the top on your crock pot and set it to low/10 hrs. *
7. Go about your daily business - and then come home to a delicious meal!
If the sauce is too watery for your taste, add a little cornstarch until you get the desired consistency/thickness. This can also be made on the stove, on a low simmer for 2 hours with the lid on a pot. I just find it easier to cook in the crockpot.

*Please note, I make this around 8am and don't get home until 6pm. This time can be shortened to as little as two hours on the stove.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

I totally forgot that yesterday was Tuesday - I kept thinking that is was Monday all day. That aside, this past weekend was Labor Day here in the States and that means a three day weekend! Woohoo! So here's my weekend in a set of photos.

My long weekend started out with a terribad rainstorm.
But it pretty quickly picked up as soon as Chris & I made it to our destination. Also, $10 beach umbrellas.
The rain never seemed to want to leave - and this bird was enjoying the temp drop.
To be fair though, sunsets after a rainstorm always seem to make for the best pictures.

What did you do over Labor Day Weekend?

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review: Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

Review: Tarte Rainforest After Dark

Okay so its no surprise that I was absolutely in love with this palette when it was released last year - but would NEVER find it in my local Ulta to purchase it. Recently I was in Ulta for another BBS when all of a sudden there it was! The palette that had been evading me for an entire year! Needless to say, I picked it up right away and felt no guilt as $38 was drained from my bank account. #FLYMONEYFLY (amirite?!)

One thing I love about this palette is the look of it - it really is gorgeous. The mirror is huge and the blush included is the perfect pink for my skin-tone. I also really love the shadows that come in this palette for fall. Fall always makes me think of cool deep purples and browns with a bit of metallic shimmer. Which this palette delivers for me flawlessly. I am so freakin' excited to use this palette this fall - I'm sure you guys will be seeing it a lot more! (at least from me)

Products included in the palette:
Highlighter in Champagne
Bronzer in Park Ave Princess
Blush in Unleashed
Eyeshadows: Bare to Explore, Make A Mauve, Plum Away With Me,
Up to No Gold, Tan-gled Up in You, Don't Turn A-Brown

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Harry Potter Tag

Harry Potter Tag

Harry Potter Tag

If you didn't know - I'm a pretty big potterhead! I was sorted into the house of Hufflepuff and my wand is a 10 3/4 inch hard cypress with an unicorn core. Judge me. I ran across this tag and coming off another Harry Potter weekend I'm down to answer some Harry Potter Questions.

1. Favorite Book?
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for sure! It sets us up to go on this absolutely magical adventure that I would enjoy for so many years.
2. Favorite Movie?
 Oooh, Goblet of Fire! I felt by that movie they definitely had the heartstrings of everyone (even those who didn't even read the books).
3. Least Favorite Book? 
Order of the Phoenix! I hate Umbridge, the entire book I was seething at her.
4. Parts of the books/movies that made you cry?
Hedwig dying!  So many tears.
5. If you could hook up with any HP character who would it be?
6. Favorite Character?
I had to be Hermione - I saw a lot of myself in her.
7. What would your Patronus be?
I would love to say something graceful like a swan or a doe, but knowing me I'd probably get something like a bunny. 
8. If you could have the Resurrection Stone, Invisibility Cloak, or the Elder Wand which one would you choose? 
Aw man, probably the Invisibility Cloak.
9. What House would you be in?
10. If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be? 
 Emma Watson for sure. She played my favorite character in the movies but she also has been so influential outside of her movie roles.
11. Have you played any of the video games?
I have tragically attempted to play the first video game - it was terrible. I never finished it.
12. If you were on the Quidditch team which position would you play?
Honestly, I probably wouldn't play Quidditch. 
13. Were you happy with the ending?
It may not have ended how I wanted it too - but yes, I was happy with how it ended. Although I will forever ship Harry x Hermoine. 
After all this time?
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