Friday, October 2, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

aka #PinkOctober

Now normally I wouldn't put topics like this on my blog, and I specifically steered away from this topic last October. But in this year I feel like I've grown and I feel like it's something that should be written about.

Breast cancer has always been one of those things that has touched me in a way that I can't explain. It's probably the only cause I've actually put time, effort, and some hard earned cash to support. When I was in high school the dance team I was on would ALWAYS do the Susan G. Komen walk for a cure 5k. We would help the ladies warm up and would help by cheering and dancing as they walked the finish line. Many, many women who walked were survivors. But many of them were families and friends of the women (and MEN) who did not win their battle. No matter their purpose, it was always smiles and good times because we were there supporting a great cause.

In April 2013 my Aunt (my Mom's sister) was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. This sent my Mom into a whirlwind. She almost immediately flew out to Oklahoma where she lives and while she was undergoing treatment my Momma was there doing what she could for her. Good news is - She's cancer free! My Aunt can count herself as 1 survivor of the estimated 231,840** expected cases of invasive breast cancer this year.

Every year since I graduated high school I've done something for cancer, whether it be dye my hair pink to spread awareness, donate money, or volunteer my time I've always managed to do something.

This year is no different: Except this time I'm working with Glamulet*! And spreading the word more than I ever have before.
glamulet, pink october, breast cancer awareness
Glamulet is running a month long campaign to raise awareness to prevent breast cancer! In their store for every charm you buy, 50% of the sales goes to a charity fund for breast cancer. So basically, you buy cute charms for your bracelet/necklace and half of the money goes to a charity fund! See their charms here! (trust me, they're cute)

No matter what you do - I hope you always find a cause that you can always stand behind and support.

Save the Boobies!

* Powered by BrandBacker and Sponsored by Glamulet.
** Stats from the American Cancer Society, source.

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