Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blogging Advice: Breaking the Scheduling Stigma

Blogging Advice: Breaking the Scheduling Stigma

On this month's Blogging Advice I'm gonna talk about something that gets a lot of flak - Scheduling. And I'm not talking about when you schedule one or two posts - it's when you've got month's planned ahead of time.

I find that people feel scheduling that far ahead to be "cold" or to be "inorganic". Which, to be fair if your writing style comes off that way, it definitely can. A reader can always tell when the author isn't really into what they are writing about. But scheduling so far in advance doesn't make you detached from the subject in which you are writing about. If anything, your view may change and grow while that post sits and waits to be posted and you can always go back and change what you've written. (Whether it's been published or not, your opinions are allowed to change.)

If a topic comes up that you've like to post or speak about first, you can always reschedule! Moving a schedule around the moving your posts around is not as hard as it seems  - heck maybe you can even post off-schedule. *gasp* Bonus post! These extra bonus posts can also help your schedule if you're currently going through a bit of a dry-spell.

This is def a piece of helpful advice when you are working with brands and you schedule more than a month in the future: Let the brand know. Most brands like at least a tentative date in which their product will be featured. This keeps your relationship with them open and honest - which (when all's said and posted) leaves both of you with a successful post and a good working relationship.

Scheduling is not a bad thing, (tbh this post was written a month ago, with some edits throughout the month) and it definitely allows for less stress and panicking about getting posts up on time. Which I know I've done the mad dash right around posting time where I've got no ideas, no pictures, and a seemingly insurmountable task. Scheduling ahead of time gets me around that. (and scheduling my tweets for the week on Monday helps too!)

Stalk me?


  1. I say do whatever works for you. Sometimes I have things scheduled for a couple weeks and other times I'm doing it the day before. Scheduling ahead of time is always less stressful and allows me to focus on something else but I fall back into procrastination every now and then and thats ok too. As long as I like what I'm doing and happy with the finished product thats all that matters.


    1. Scheduling is definitely helpful for those times when I've got major bloggers block - I find myself writing and finishing up posts a lot of times right before the due date! Being happy with the finished product is def always a work in progress though!

      xo Jenn


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