Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stocking Stuffers 2015


(with awesome stuff)

Stocking Stuffers 2015
Finding little things to stuff a stocking with that won't break your bank is disgustingly hard, So here are some simple ideas to toss in someone's stocking!

1. A Cute Makeup Bag - because Target, F21, H&M, and almost everywhere sells makeup bags. Cute pencil cases count too!

2. Small Notebook - who doesn't need one of these? Something small and cute that they can pop in their bag is definitely something that you can pop in their stocking.

3. Candles - I found a holiday kit that has THREE small candles that are perfect for the person who loves to burn the midnight oil. (and loves to make their house smell good)

4. Adult Coloring Book - why not? The designs inside are super pretty and apparently coloring is a good stress reliever. Make them go get their own colored pencils though.

5. Portable phone charger - Trust me on this one, they will LOVE you if you pop this in their stocking. No more having to carry that charger around or just letting their phone die, these small portable chargers are a life-saver! (and cheap!)

6. Nail polishes - Because what girl doesn't want more nail polish? + Holiday sets are in and are usually pretty affordable.

7. Fuzzy socks - because fuzzy socks. They are literally a little fuzzy blankie specifically made for your feet. What could be better?

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