Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New year - New Hair!

New Year - New Hair!

I've joined the majestic unicorn club and decided to take my natural golden blonde hair to a GORGEOUS metallic rose gold. But first, some backstory.

Right before Christmas I went in to get my hair trimmed and my hairdresser and I were chatting about Guy Tang and how we both LOVE his metallic hair creations. You know, one thing led to another and all of a sudden she goes "We should totally do that to your hair! You have virgin hair and I really want to enter the Guy Tang Hair Battle for Metallics!" I was super apprehensive, my hair was virgin hair, I hadn't done ANYTHING to it in about 7 years. But after talking it over with my fiance and a few family members I decided to just go for it. It will grow back the same way every single time - and I was ready for a change.

Fast forward to Sunday January 3rd, 2016 @ 9AM. I arrived at my hair salon and the whole process began. By 9:30am my hair was being bleached (the first time) and after a short wait my hair was very, very blonde. Next came the the second round of bleach and my roots - which in all honesty it didn't hurt quite as much as I expected it to. I expected a terrible stinging but it didn't really bother me much at all. After that second bleach it was time for some violet toner and a quick nap while I sat.
While I was sitting, it was her chance to mix up the colors that were going on my hair. We were going for a rosey metallic - so we went in with shades of pink and purple (it's wayy more complicated than that, but I see colors in a mixing bowl and not much else). So she applied those colors to my hair and after a short sit my hair had magically transformed into a beautiful unicorn!

ANNND - the finished product:

I am SOO in love with my new hair. 

If you are ever in the area and want to have magical unicorn hair, or just want a great hair stylist to do your hair GO SEE CHRISTINE. You guys need to check out her Instagram so you can see all the awesome hair that she does. She is a braiding wonder too! https://www.instagram.com/hairsbychristine/

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  1. Omg! You are too funny! Thank you so much for all the kudos! Please text me s pic of how it's fading out!��Can't wait to go the next Unicorn color!

    1. I'm having a party on tuesday so I'll send you pics of it then! :D

      xo Jenn

  2. You look absolutely stunning!!! I love your hair and she did an awesome job! Ahhh I wish I could get my hair colored now!

    Jasmine :)

    1. Thank you!! I love it so ridiculously much I can't even!

      xo Jenn

  3. Your hair is so gorgeous! I want to do a light pink but I can't find the courage to bleach mine :P


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