Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 2016 Erin Condren Planner Spreads

January Erin Condren Planner Spreads

So I'm trying to turn it into a tradition where I share with you my planner spreads at the end of each month - this time I'm sharing my January spreads for my Erin Condren Horizontal! 

Bonus Week! This is my spread for New Years .
Kit from Its Planning Time .
(it actually came in my 'Oops!' Kit - and 90% of it was totally still usable) 
Zebra washi from the $1 store.

1st Week of January
Horizontal January Weekly Kit from Little Miss Paperie.
Little Pill sticker from Its Planning Time
Snowflake Washi from the $1 store.

2nd Week of January:
Vertical Weekly Kit from Little Miss Paperie.
(this came in a 'Misshaps' kit)
Top Washi from Target with accents from the $1 store.
Skinny Washi from Hobby Lobby.

3rd Week of January:
Vertical Weekly Kit from Little Miss Paperie.
(this was also in my 'Misshaps' kit)
Planning sticker from Its Planning Time.
Top washi from Target (I think, I borrowed it from a friend)
Skinny washi from Hobby Lobby.

4th Week of January (aka my Birthday Week):
Horizontal Weekly Kit from Little Miss Paperie.
(This is the 1st gen. Golden Glam kit + the full box sheet)
Metallic Washi from Hobby Lobby.
Stag Washi from Hobby lobby. 
(they came in a kit of 2 together)

My Birthday layout has got to be one of my favorite spreads I've done so far (that wasn't a holiday)! As you can tell, my planning style is evolving - and my spreads end up with a LOT of pen in them by the end of the week. I'm loving how organized this planner is keeping my life!

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  1. Planner posts like this always make me super jealous because I honestly wouldn't have the first idea where to start! Yours is so beautiful and organized and inspiring because I think I would actually use my planner if it looked that nice! I opened up all the links you posted in hopes that I'll actually start the planning stuff. Fingers crossed!

    Tazhiana |

    1. When I started I had /no/ idea where to start. And looked at other planner peeps all jealous like because their spreads were goooo gorg! But it's really finding your own stride and style in planner that makes it all worthwhile! ++ I'm addicted to my Erin Condren - which makes it all easier!

      xo Jenn

  2. So cute! I wish I could afford stickers right now, but they are just a luxury I have to live without for the moment. I LOVE the zebra spread, and I'm not even that into animal prints! Ha! Thanks for sharing these! :D

    Hillary | A Very Charmed Life

    1. A lot of my stickers (not in these kits spreads per say, but in my X-mas & upcoming Valentine's day ones) are from the See Spot Save section at Target! You can get adorable stickers for $1! I get MOST of my papercraft/stationary stuff from there. :)

      xo Jenn


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