Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Low-Key Valentine's Day

Low-Key Valentine's Day

For some, valentine's day is a day to proclaim your love for your significant other to the entire world. But for others, it's just a day that you just kinda 'chill' together. Chris and I had one of those 'chill' Valentines days this year and it was totally awesome.

Okay so originally our plan was to not 'chill' but to go to the Miami Seaquarium (I bought us tickets for our birthdays) and that was going to be our day. But alas the Miami boat show was this past weekend and if you know anything about the Boat show in general down here - it's that you avoid that area like the plague! So instead we did the exact opposite - and at the end of the day we were both content.

This is honestly the only photo I have of our Valentine's day this year. We went out to lunch at Red Robin and I took this photo of him signing up for the rewards program. 

We went home from lunch and decided a basic bitch Sunday was in order, so we invited one of my sisters over and we headed to Target. About an hour (and at least one cup of starbucks later) we were rollin' out and heading back home. 

We all ended up taking a nap once we got home and by the time we got up it was almost time for dinner. We were just going to order something - but Chris asked if I wanted to head out to dinner and we spontaneously decided to head out again. We didn't get dressed up, we wore the same jeans and shirts we had been wearing all day, and we had NO idea where we were going.

We spontaneously ended up at this small mom & pop sushi spot in a strip mall that we went to for his birthday and sat at the sushi bar. We ordered our favorite sushi and chowed down. When we left we decided to hit up Cherry Smash, which is a local ice cream parlor.

After ice cream, we went home. And that was it - we really had a fun but low-key Valentine's day. But at the end of the day we both looked at each other and said "I had a good day today, with you. I feel happy" and really - that's all we needed.

How was your v-day? Do anything fun?
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  1. Sounds like you guys had a lovely day. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day but we do go on 'dates' later in the year.

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