Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation

Review: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation

First things first - this foundation seems to be the hardest thing to get ahold of! I spent like two weeks hunting through 2 Targets just to find one (and it was the last one)!

Let's be honest - the packaging is what initially draws us to a product, and Physicians Formula nailed it with this one! The packaging is this gorgeous blue with a faux pillow top and cute beads with the name of the brand on the side. It definitely doesn't feel cheap or drugstore, but it doesn't feel super high-end either. There is a push to open button and when the top pops you're greeted with a compact mirror, the applicator, and a thick piece of plastic that is snapped into place covering the foundation. Under that is a safety seal that keeps your foundation safe from germs until you shove your dirty fingers in it (like I did).

As most makeup does nowadays - physicians formula has a ton of claims that basically says your face will look like a unicorn's butt. Soft, smooth, and untouched (possibly poos rainbows and marshmallows idk). But I have to say the coverage is light and could possibly be brought up to a medium coverage. You will get a very light coverage if you use the sponge that comes with it, but with a beauty blender or a brush I find the coverage gets much better. It also sets SUPER quickly and doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all. Its got an SPF of 50 which is awesome and a lot better than some of my BB creams. After wearing it for a day it stayed pretty well, but I wouldn't suggest it for people with oily skin. My skin is combo normally but is leaning on the dry side right now. And like every other glasses wearer I had issues with it where my glasses sit but other than that it lasted pretty well.

It was a little steep in price point for me for a drugstore foundation. And especially one that only comes in 3 shades and was $17 (!!) for 0.47oz of product. Which at that price point you'd better blow me away because there are a lot of much better drugstore foundations that give me more (better) product for less money. Overall it felt very 'meh'. 

Would I repurchase it - probably not. But it looks cute on my vanity~

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  1. It's a shame that such cute packaging was filled with disappointment! You're totally right, for $17 i could get MUCH better foundation at the drugstore.

    Brittny |

    1. I was super bummed that this was such a disappointment - but I'll probably still use it up. The packaging is super cute and once its 'empty' I could probably repurpose it for another homemade cushion foundation with a foundation with a heavier coverage that I want to lighten.

      xo Jenn

  2. Wow, SPF 50 is really good for a make up product. So important in skincare, especially on the face!


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