Friday, May 27, 2016

Sticker Haul - Papered Kiss and KPL Plans

Sticker Haul - Papered Kiss and KPL Plans

On Mother's Day I went a little buckwild for Papered Kisses Mother's Day sale, and then (of course) I requested a custom countdown set for my trip to Japan. So softly after Mother's day I had a TON of stickers coming in. (I still have more on the way, they just didn't make it in time!) This is my first purchase from both stores and I am pleasantly surprised! Please note: I bought all these stickers with my own money. I have a fly money fly moment for sticker sales. Whoops!

The following 3 kits are from Papered Kiss:
Blush Noir
Unicorn Kit
I went a little crazy with the unicorn kit because I liked it so much. So much that I actually bought the decor sheet that goes with it. Because who can have too many unicorns?

Feather Sparkle Kit
Custom Japan Countdown Stickers from KPL Plans:
Japan Countdown Stickers
The custom process with Kami was super easy! I sent her a message - to which she responded within a day - and let me know her time table and asked for things that I liked so she could create these countdowns for me. I sent her a single image of the art style I liked and the things I really like (temples and cherry blossoms) and within a few days I had a proof. I ordered the Birthday Stickers and put a note in the box that I actually wanted my custom stickers and they were sent to me super fast and with a personalized note. I lovelovelove them! 
Her insta has a 10% off coupon code: IGFRIENDS

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