Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

I try to not buy gifts last minute - but that never seems to happen. WHOOPS.

1. Golf Balls & Golf Tees
If your Dad is an avid golfer they always seem to need these! (no srsly my Dad always asks for these on Fathers day)

2. Amazon Fire Stick
This amazing little stick just plugs into the HDMI port on the TV, connects to Wifi, and Viola! Amazon on your TV. We ended up buying more because it was so useful and now we've got one too.

3. Fitbit
For the health-conscious Dad. (aka not mine)

4. Outdoor Grill
Last year (I think) my family all got together and bought my Dad a really nice grill + some accessories. He loves it and uses it as often as he can now!

5. Wristwatch
If you Dad wears a watch there are TONS of nice looking and affordable watches out there.

But don't forget the importance of just a card! My grandfather is a man who wants not and needs not - so I always end up just buying a card and popping a gift card for a restaurant he frequents inside. I know they get used because he always tells me that they come in handy.

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  1. I love this! and I love the 'aka, not mine' comment, haha! My Dad is so freakin' complicated to buy for and he doesn't go anywhere either so I can't get him a gift card :') This year his birthday and father's day are the same day so I'm actually risking making my own present :') He'll love the gesture I hope because so far, it has gone terribly. I did surprise him by having a cake delivered to his house though (a girl I work with is also a baker) and my Mum rang me and said how overwhelmed he was which really filled my heart <3


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