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Whether its just to say 'Hi!' or give me a suggestion/haunt my every move you can send me a message through various means of social media:

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You can also e-mail me at:

PR Info & Media Kit

Interested in having me review your product? Don't feel shy and drop me an email at the email above.  Please note that I will always post honest reviews and will usually only work with brands that are a good fit with my blog and the lovely readers that I've got. If you'd like to contact me please use or one of the forms of social media above. (Twitter being the fastest) I also have a media kit.

Sponsored posts:
Will I write a sponsored post for you? 
Of course! Just email me and we can talk about it.

Do I have a limit of how many I will write each month? 
Yes - I don't want to flood my readers with too many sponsored posts.

Will I publish pre-written posts? 
No. Sorry - but just no. I want my review of the product to be genuine.

Do you have a media kit?
Yes! Its simple, but its located here.

Simple Disclaimer: All products I write about/use/review are my own opinion and are not influenced from an outside source. In the event that I am gifted or sponsored by a brand it will be labelled properly with an (*) and it will be made clear that the post has been sponsored.

That being said, I am PR friendly & willing to work with brands & companies - so feel free to send me an e-mail.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Wench!

    So I have two questions.

    1) Do you have a search tag system for all your blog posts so one could look up past blog posts (makeup, dogs, life, exct.)

    2) Did you make a basic make-up kit post? Or if you haven't already made one would you consider making one?

    We are talking Basic-basic here. Something that you could put on your face quickly, even if you are inexperienced you could look half decent with this basic-basic makeup kit.

    My skin is really oily and I can't stand to have something on my face for too long. It feels like I'm melting or it just irritates my skin too much. I do have a powder (not sure if the brush I have is the right one) and I do have the elf BB cream with SPF that you blogged about (it's great!) and some mascara. I end up putting too much and it looks like a giant mess... anyway, do you have anything planned for a basic-basic makeup kit?

    Love your blog!

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!


be sweet, <3